Measure what matters with flexible scorecards

Ambition’s unique system of activity and objective scorecards provides continual feedback for reps on the short-term activity and long-term outcomes that matter for success. Schedule a demo

Your Sales Playbook. Defined

By clearly defining and tracking the core KPIs on both activity and objective levels, your Sales Playbook and process come to life and form habit. Proven to improve playbook adoption, Ambition drives not only sales success, but Salesforce adoption.
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    Daily Accountability, Long Term Results

    Our methodology combines target baselines of activity and effectiveness, with continual progress tracking of the long horizon goals. Managers have the power to create Scorecards for every role with custom metrics and scoring weights.


“In the first few weeks of using Ambition, our productivity went up 25%. It's simple to calculate the ROI for us because we know exactly what we get from increased activity."

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales, Outreach

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