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4 Ideas for Increasing Quota Attainment with Leaderboards and TVs

Metrics don't matter if you're not using them to drive performance. Here's how to do it.

The recently published 2019 State of Sales Survey found that 32% of sales reps are most motivated by visibility into numbers. Data is definitely the craze right now, but knowing just how to leverage it to drive different results can be a challenge.

We spend a lot of time thinking about this very thing and are here with 4 quick ideas to turn your sales TVs into data insight machines that drive quota attainment, recognize your team in a rewarding way, and amp up energy to create a world-class sales team.


1. Include percent-to-target slides

Here’s why: Leaderboards can show more than absolute values and totals. Including percent-to-target leaderboards is a great way to showcase the end goal and progress toward it. Viewing quota in the percent-to-target format can take advantage of the psychology studies that show visualization of the end goal actually increases total attainment.


2. Add metric slides

Here’s why: Metric slides are the newest TV-slide type that our product team just released. The metric slide can showcase up to 3 metrics on one slide and uses color coded progress bars to provide visibility into whether or not you're on track to beat the previous week, month, or time frame of your selection. (It even provides a little NBA-Jam flare when you surpass your previous numbers.) This slide is perfect for showing metrics and efficiency in one place. Consider adding call connects, meetings set, and connects-to-meetings ratio together to get a feel for the who's actually achieving results. (Remember: just calls to meetings isn’t actually the best way to track meeting ratios — you've got to factor in connects!)



3. Showcase activity

Here’s why: The great thing about showcasing activity score slides is that activity score levels the playing field. It shows who's putting in the most hustle regardless of varying roles, experience, etc. Employees who are ramped (and seasoned veterans) will likely have different targets, but activity score shows who is meeting their targets specific to them. Once you see who's putting in the effort with activity, but still not meeting results, you know exactly who could benefit from a little bit of coaching.



4. Recognize more than closed deals

Here’s why: Using triggers to fire alerts to the TV (or even Slack!) when meetings are booked, opportunities are created, and other smaller wins — in addition to the usual closed deals — fuels your team. Recognition is a top motivator (even more than cash!) among the millennial workforce, and celebrating these smaller wins that lead to the bigger wins of deals closed will motivate more of your team. You can manage the activities and objectives more than results, and one way to do that is by recognizing the objectives.


Not sure how TVs look live on the floor? Check out this video of Ambition customer Kevin Dorsey of Patient Pop.

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