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A category-redefining, industry-leading, comprehensive solution for performance-focused organizations.
Connect all of your systems for end-to-end transparency and accountability. Ambition supports Salesforce, API, FTP, File Upload, Manual Entry.
Powerful and intuitive Metric Builder, no coding required. Combine KPIs across multiple data sources to measure hard-to-track productivity ratios in real-time.
Organize employees into groups and assign managers, we'll do the rest by automatically creating dashboards, aggregating data, and assigning access.
Promote accountability by defining and benchmarking short-term activities and long-term objectives for employees to see and own in their quest for success.
Set and track milestones for employees, managers, groups, organization. Goals can be synced to real-time metrics or tracked free-form for maximum flexibility.
Setup contests and utilize our critically-acclaimed "Fantasy Football" system for consistent results across not just top performers but your middle 70%.
Build TVs to publicly recognize top performers across the office floor. Employees can set video Anthems to play when they hit specified thresholds.
Behavior-driven push notifications. Productivity Quadrant for correlating activity to results. Unified spreadsheet that aggregates across all data sources.
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What our Customers Have to Say...
We wanted to shift focus away from end goals and more towards process. Ambition helped by empowering each rep with their own real-time metrics.
Steve Richard
CRO | VorsightVP
I can't imagine our office without Ambition. After 18 months we're now using it across our sales, account management, and support teams. Tremendous value for data-driven sales leaders.
Drew Woodcock
Director of Sales | ChowNow
My reps are obsessed with Ambition and in six months our SFDC activities have jumped 142%.
Thomas Watanapun
Director of Sales | Peek
We've noticed not just improved productivity but higher morale, increased energy, and the ability to refocus the team's effort at a moment's notice.
Matt Baum
Director of Sales | AfterCollege
Ambition increased daily call volume 30% with zero negative feedback from my reps. The transparency and real-time feedback loop has improved daily productivity for both managers and reps.
Dallas Hogensen
Head of Commercial Sales | Lyft
Easy to use and great support. Adds huge visibility around key metrics. Above all, helped increase our SDR productivity by 2x and the YouTube anthems are addictive.
Mark Kosoglow
VP of Sales | Outreach
We implemented Ambition to help drive consistent Salesforce behavior - it's worked great. We watched adoption increase 84% during our latest quarter on Ambition.
Matt Waters
Director of Sales | Continuum
Ambition is an easy way to get metric visibility from multiple systems, create performance goals, and track results from one simple interface.
AMX Logistics
Jared Moore
General Manager | AMX Logistics
All too often I install sales tools that appear great but the actual functionality isn't there. With Ambition this isn't the case - the setup and usability are almost second nature.
Eric White
Director of Sales Operations | VorsightBP
I enjoy the Activity and Objective metrics, clean interface, and great support. The TV Anthems are a huge hit with the team. We chose Ambition over LevelEleven and Hoopla.
Phoebe Farber
Sales Operations Manager | Attend
I can't think of another system I'd integrate with Salesforce to keep track of sales goals. Ambition is a great way to manage and monitor sales team progress.
Zachary Snader
VP of Growth | AppointmentPlus
Ambition creates a high level of transparency, keeps employees accountable, and helped me run my most effective sales competition to date. My reps check it way more frequently than any Salesforce report.
Abraham Brandsetter
Outside Sales Manager | FiveStars Loyalty
We've seen consistent growth in average order value each quarter on Ambition. Implementation was fast and seamless, support has been super responsive, clear, and helpful.
Danielle Marquis
Sales Operations Manager | Carbonite
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