Achieving high-level goals requires strong cross-functional alignment. Everyone plays a role in executing large-scale initiatives, and in the modern sales organization, the best way to do this is through coaching adoption and reinforcement. This is a joint effort between sales enablement and frontline managers, and both parties need a way to visualize their impact on performance. Has training been reinforced? Do coaches have access to the right materials? Are reps implementing new skills or content and seeing results?

As part of our partnership with Seismic, we’re excited to bring enablement and coaching together with our Lessonly by Seismic integration. Managers and enablement leaders can now integrate Lessonly courses directly into an Ambition coaching agenda to reinforce strategy throughout the ranks. 

By assigning and reviewing Lessonly lessons within Ambition Coaching Orchestration™, you can tie performance outcomes to enablement and coaching to see what’s working, what’s not, and strategically re-focus your efforts.

Once the Lessonly integration is authorized, “Lessonly Lesson” will be available to select as an agenda item for different coaching activities, including: 

  • Check-ins
  • Action plans
  • Programs

You can also add Lessonly lessons to coaching templates to ensure that managers and coaches all coach on the same content. Lessons that an employee interacts with in Ambition will also count toward lesson reporting in Lessonly. 

Select a Lessonly lesson to add to your coaching agenda with the Lessonly by Seismic integration.

3 Ways to Use Lessonly by Seismic + Ambition Right Now

  • Drive enablement training and content adoption: Enablement leaders can attach Lessonly courses as agenda items into weekly rep <> manager 1:1 coaching check-ins or create metrics around content usage. This ensures enablement materials are adopted consistently across the board. 
  • Reinforce training with ongoing coaching and development: Managers can see rep completion of lessons within coaching check-ins and assign additional lessons as action items when reps are behind on specific metrics.
  • Measure the impact of enablement on performance: Automate metrics like LiveSends and LiveDocs to see sales content performance and adoption; track which managers are enforcing new messaging and collateral; and see who has higher revenue outcomes in reports and on leaderboards

Accelerate Your Sales Enablement Strategy with Ambition

When executed consistently and in tandem with sales coaching, your sales enablement strategy has a material impact on sales performance. Learn more about how to maximize your sales coaching and enablement efforts here