Bringing Positive Accountability to Content Sharing and Knowledge Transfer

Set More Meetings, Grow Pipeline, and Increase Revenue by Sharing the Right Content at Every Point in the Sales Journey with Ambition + Seismic

In every sales process, the modern buyer expects value-added content—but do your reps actually take the time to send it? Take the question out of the equation and start measuring, spotlighting, and encouraging rep behaviors in a whole new way with Ambition + Seismic
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Build a Culture of Coaching & Learning

For companies who prioritize enablement, the ability to assign and debrief Lessonly lessons right where coaching happens encourages results across every role in the sales org. Within Ambition Coaching Orchestration™, you can bring Lessonly by Seismic into recurring 1:1 and team check-ins, templates, programs, and action plans.

Integrate Ambition with Seismic

Recognize & Celebrate the Milestones That Matter

Amplify the behaviors of top content-sharing reps with Ambition Leaderboards and watch your team’s adoption of Seismic skyrocket. Leaderboards empower frontline sales managers to celebrate rep milestones, recognize great performance, and course correct along the way.

Employees expect personal development and knowledge transfer—and now more than ever it’s critical to keep your reps happy and in-seat. Show your team you’re committed to ongoing education and training by incorporating Lessonly-based KPIs into your scorecards. Metrics can range from completing one specific training to completing any number of proactive modules per day, per week, or per month.

Integrate Ambition with Seismic

Establish KPIs That Leverage Content & Drive Rep Behavior

Set and track daily, weekly, and monthly content sharing goals like LiveSends, LiveDocs, and LiveSocial in the Ambition Scorecard. This helps you and your reps align on expectations surrounding the use of collateral, templates, and social posts from marketing.

The average sales team has seven to 15 tools in their tech stack. With the Ambition + Seismic integration, you make Seismic stickier by measuring and promoting its utilization via scorecards and leaderboards. Get a greater return out of all of your technology investments by making these simple connections.

Integrate Ambition with Seismic