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Office Hours Recap: Coaching Overview Is Here!

Think you've got a coaching culture? Our new Coaching Overview shows how coaching is being executed across your org — and how it's impacting performance.

This week, Ambition experts Emma Hamilton and Megan Nelson walked us through the latest product updates and resources that you need to know about.  

The big news: our Coaching Overview section is live. (Plus: we’ve got new templates, resources, and more. Read on for highlights or watch the recording below.)

Do You Have a Coaching Culture? Find Out with Ambition's Coaching Overview!

We’re pretty excited about the new Coaching Overview page that’s been added to the platform. (If you’re a current customer and you want to check it out: it's now the first menu item under “Coaching” in the side navigation.)

Ambition’s Coaching Overview gives you a 360-degree view of your entire coaching program. That means at a glance, you can see:

  • Whether Ambition Coaching is being utilized

  • Which managers are coaching, and which reps are getting coached

  • How coaching is impacting team and individual performance

And perhaps most importantly: if you’re not seeing the results you hoped for from your coaching program: Coaching Overview can help you pinpoint where the problems or disconnects may lie.

How It Works

You’ll find 4 different tabs in the Overview section. Here's quick rundown:

  1. Insights: Has your team really embraced coaching? Get a feel for how widely adopted coaching is across your team on the Insights tab. You’ll find the number of coaching activities for a selected time frame, plus quickly see which reps haven’t had a check-in during that period (and easily schedule a 1:1 right from this tab.)

  2. Attribution: At a glance, you’ll know if coaching is having an impact on your reps’ performance, based on the metrics you’re tracking.

  3. Ratings: See how reps are rated in their check-ins across 5 different categories (like Preparedness and Coachability). When our Zoom integration goes live, you’ll also have a direct link to the transcript, which you can filter by rep or manager.

  4. Reports: Many Ambition customers have all of their reports coming from Ambition because they’re clean, digestible and easy to export. Now, you’ll be able to export Coaching Overview reports, too.

(Not a customer but like what you see? Schedule a demo for a personal walkthrough!)

Ambition Resources You Might Be Missing

If you’re here, well — you know about our blog. We’re frequently updating it with best practices, tips and tricks, plus interviews and insights from the best sales minds around. Aside from the blog, check out:

Sales Template Hub: We’re constantly updating our sales coaching templates, sales scorecard templates, and sales contest templates to give sales managers free, plug-and-play tools for their teams.

The Sales Summit: For now, this is a customer-only Slack channel where Ambition customers can tune in to Ambition news and connect with each other.

Ambition University: Become an Ambition expert with our free training courses.

Want more? Watch the full Office Hours recording below!


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