Last month, we announced the release of Group Check-ins, an Ambition Coaching Orchestration™ innovation designed to dramatically improve the way leaders and managers run team meetings. With features that support better documentation, higher rep engagement, and richer top-to-bottom knowledge transfer, group check-ins has already improved collaboration and accountability for Ambition users.

See the ROI of Coaching Orchestration™

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With a streamlined system for recurring team coaching and collaboration, managers and leaders also need a standardized way to deepen development off-cycle. Managers want greater guidance and tools to programmatically develop skills with every single rep they manage. To build a stronger, more aligned revenue organization, you must create consistencies in how you you coach and in how you measure your results.

That’s why today, we’re enhancing the power of your coaching capabilities even more with the addition of Action Plan Templates. This new feature enables managers to build strategic coaching programs for new and tenured reps and measure their results in a programmatic, scalable way. With the ability to access a library of templates, managers have more direction when it comes to rep development, and they can more quickly see what’s working and what’s not.

Screenshot of action plan template creation in Ambition


Users with the appropriate permissions can create a library of net-new Action Plan Templates with any questions, metric snapshots, content blocks, polls, URLs, checkboxes, or Gong calls they want. Managers can then select the template they want to use without spending valuable time rebuilding templates for similar use cases.


Screenshot of where to find action plan templates in Ambition


Use Cases for Action Plan Templates

Action Plan Templates give leaders confidence that their managers are running consistent coaching programs, and the convenience of existing templates will free up managers to have more productive coaching conversations. Here’s how you can start utilizing Action Plan Templates right now:

  • Onboarding: Standardize onboarding processes across teams to include goals, milestones, Lessonly courses, and materials for new team members to review
  • Development plans: Structure agreed-upon promotion paths for SDR > AE, SMB AE > Enterprise AE, etc.
  • Skill development plans: Focus specific Action Plan Templates on core skills like cold calling, objection handling, etc.
  • Weekly S.M.A.R.T. questions: Deploy standard weekly questions or agenda items to an entire team quickly and easily without rebuilding it every single week
  • Course correction templates (PIPs): Build standardized strategy templates to help underperforming reps get back on track rather than relying on individual managers to figure out how to course correct
  • Call coaching and reviews: Prompt reps to look for key components of a call with templatized questions in an Action Plan each week

Learn more about our full suite of Coaching Orchestration™ tools here.

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