The impact of coaching goes beyond the manager/employee relationship; it’s a thread that weaves the entire revenue organization together. Revenue leaders want visibility into who’s coaching and how consistently they do it. Managers need a way to coach all of their direct reports (often between 6-10 reps) consistently and efficiently. Reps need dedicated time to work with their managers on skill training and learn from their peers.

Whether you’re a manager coaching multiple reps at a time or a revenue leader who wants greater visibility into coaching strategy, how can you ensure coaching remains consistent and effective across the entire org?

Ambition’s latest Coaching Orchestration™ innovation, Group Check-ins, was designed to change the way managers and leaders run team meetings. This new feature offers a place for all aspects of coaching right within the check-in, resulting in better collaboration, documentation, visibility, and more efficient coaching prep.

Group Check-ins can be scheduled as recurring or one-off meetings and include action items and discussion topics where participants can comment directly within the platform. With meeting structure and documentation, upper management has greater visibility into who’s being coached and how, so they can hold managers accountable. This new functionality also facilitates higher-quality conversations that keep teams focused on high-impact strategic initiatives. 

Use Cases for Group Check-ins

While Group Check-ins radically improves the experience of team coaching, the value extends beyond a meeting or coaching session. Its documentation, structure, and tracking capabilities give revenue organizations top-to-bottom visibility. With a centralized location to hold meetings and capture notes, everyone has the same reference point. Here are some ways you can start utilizing Group Check-ins right now: 

  • Meetings: Bi-weekly call coaching sessions, sales forecast meetings, pipeline reviews, and SKOs
  • Training: Assign teams specific Gong calls to listen to or reports from SFDC embedded in the Group Check-in prior to their next meeting, so everyone can come prepared with feedback, questions, and notes
  • Performance Tracking: Managers can track their own performance and demonstrate to leadership how they successfully grew their team or worked with an employee to improve lagging performance
  • Communication / Managing Up: Reps can make requests to their managers or assign action items using Group Check-ins. This ensures rep/manager alignment, clarifies expectations, and documents the right next steps that will enable managers to help remove blockers and reps to make progress
  • Project Update Board: Managers can use Group Check-ins as a single place to keep track of specific tasks for and share updates about a specific project to a team

Read more about Group Check-ins and learn about our full suite of Coaching Orchestration™ tools here

Group Check-in for a Monday Pipeline Review in Ambition

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