Designed for managers and coaches, the Ambition platform automates all 360 degrees of programmatic coaching from one-on-ones to team meetings or check-ins

Ambition, the industry’s leading software solution for go-to-market leaders, today announced a major addition to the Revenue Performance Platform™ enhancing Coaching Orchestration™ for groups of employees with robust team check-ins. With this most recent release, the coaching suite is increasingly more powerful and allows sales leaders and managers the ability to holistically develop their reps with programmatic skills coaching, call coaching, and team coaching.

“In a recent study we conducted with our customers, 56% indicated that their team experienced hiring freezes, layoffs, or the need to shift employees to different roles within the org in 2022,” Travis Truett, CEO at Ambition, said. “With over half of employees navigating change, strong sales coaching matters now more than ever to effectively transfer knowledge, skill train, collaborate on account strategy or stalled deals, and recruit internal resources, especially in a hybrid world.” 

With standardized recurring check-ins for individuals or teams and the ability to track progress with interactive action items, Ambition’s Coaching Orchestration is a first-of-its-kind and award-winning offering. Yesterday, SoftwareReviews recognized Ambition as a leader in sales coaching. Based on feedback from customers, 75% agreed that Ambition created business value and 100% plan to renew their license.

In that same report, respondents were asked to evaluate Ambition’s strategy and innovation experience and more than 88% agreed that Ambition’s coaching tools are ahead of market trends. According to Butler Raines, VP of Product and Engineering at Ambition, continued innovation is planned around key coaching use cases in upcoming quarters.

“Our goal is to always be calling our customers to greatness,” Raines said. “Most sales managers focus only on call and deal coaching. Coaching Orchestration is more than that—it takes the entire coaching and meeting cadence into consideration. It takes the work managers and reps do in one-on-ones and team settings to uplevel their skills and cascade learnings in a programmatic, measurable way.” 

Trusted by SMB and Fortune 100 companies alike, including T-Mobile, Waste Management, ADP, ServiceNow, and Ryder, Ambition continues to invest in its other core product lines, Performance Intelligence and Sales Gamification, alongside sales coaching.

“Consistent and dedicated coaching efforts boost rep retention by 25%,” Brian Trautschold, COO at Ambition, said. “It’s proven that a rep’s time spent in-seat and total revenue directly correlate, and that’s our top priority: to unlock human and revenue potential and keep our customers’ highest-performing people activated and engaged through Coaching Orchestration.”

To learn more about Coaching Orchestration, click here.

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