Salesforce Reporting just got 10x easier.

Ambition's real-time integration with Salesforce has made us one of the most popular sales gamification and performance management platforms on the AppExchange. 

Our Salesforce partnership has been predicated on three key strengths: painless setup, seamless data updates, and ample flexibility to customize Salesforce metrics in Ambition.

Traditionally, users create custom Salesforce metrics in Ambition in one of two ways:

  1. Using Ambition's Metric Builder interface
    • ideal for Single-Object metrics (Outbound Calls).
  2. Using Ambition's Report2Metric interface.
    • Ideal for Multi-Object metrics (Won Opps by Account Type).

Like you, our Product Team hates the clunky limitations around Salesforce metrics. So they decided to create a third option that would enable users to customize Salesforce metrics with maximum flexibility: our Multi-Object Metric Builder.

Multi-Object Metric Builder

Let's demonstrate its capabilities below:

Example A. Have a unique Sales Owner and Account Owner working on an account? Notice in the screenshot below how the baseline Object selected is Task but the User Field (the person getting credit for the given metric) is the Account Owner.

salesforce reports

Ambition users now have the ability to create multi-Object Metrics directly from within the Ambition Metric Builder. Salesforce Admins and Sales Ops Professionals rejoice, you're finally able to unlock more of your metrics natively within Ambition!

Custom "Where Clause" Support for Salesforce Objects

An enterprise-grade feature for our largest customers with (hundreds of) millions of Salesforce records being updated within their CRM, Ambition now supports the ability to define custom "Where Clauses" on a per-Object basis to allow deeper filtering of data.

ambition salesforce integration

This prevents Ambition from pulling in recently modified but ultimately irrelevant data that can prevent the important stuff from getting to your Ambition Dashboards as quickly as possible.

When you build metrics in Ambition our platform constructs data queries based on your defined logic. With this new functionality we're able to append this metric logic with an additional "Where _ meets condition __" on a more global scale to help you balance organizational demands with Ambition time-to-value desires.

Ambition: The Agile Sales Management Platform

Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization).  Fortune 1000 sales organizations like UPS, Aerotek and Wayfair use Ambition to enhance sales KPI clarity and drive their teams using real-time scorecards, dashboards, alerts, contests, and TV leaderboards. 

tennessee sales organizations

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