Ambition Coaching

Sales Coaching sessions that are scheduled, held, and measured all in one place means that you can reduce your software stack, but increase the number of levers you have to pull when it comes to managing your team.
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Measurable Sales Coaching

Consistent, Automated Coaching

Schedule formal, consistent coaching sessions with questionnaires that are automatically deployed to reps to ensure you both come prepared to the sessions or trigger one-off action plans when you need to address something specific.

Utilize Coaching Templates from Real Sales Managers

Sales leaders can deploy templates with top down approach to enforce adoption, or allow managers to create their own templates by roles, teams or more. Ambition coaching templates are completely flexible and customizable, and we’ll even provide you with real questions from elite sales coaches to help ensure quality coaching if you need a hand with getting started in your coaching initiatives.

Coaching Built to Scale Small Businesses to Enterprise

Whether your team consists of 5 reps or 5 thousand, Ambition delivers a consistent, high-quality coaching practice that automates performance improvement tracking, session history, and measures coaching utilization amongst your team. You’ll know which reps are enrolled in programs, which managers are finding the most success in lifting metrics and how managers have rated employee performance over time.

One Place for Rep Development

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and post-its, and say hello to your one-stop shop for 1:1 coaching. From key metric alignment to action plans, track 1:1s and progress in one place.

Align on Action

Clear expectations lead to clear results. Create action plans during coaching sessions, and track completion to help reps stay on top of their improvement initiatives.

Download our free coaching playbook

Sales coaching is the #1 thing you can do to drive performance and productivity on your team — and to create a culture of winning on your sales floor. Our "Moving the Middle" playbook is a step-by-step guide that includes:
  • Actionable tools that improve productivity.
  • The right benchmarks to measure progress and success.
  • Quick (easy!) process wins that you can implement right away.
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