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Feature Update: Salesforce Report Sync

Out latest product upgrade lets you sync and manage Salesforce metrics and reports inside the Ambition Metric Builder.

To cap off 2017, the Ambition Product Team is proud to share some major feature upgrades involving Ambition's Salesforce Reporting.

There's currently two ways in Ambition to build Salesforce metrics.

  1. Use the Metric Builder interface
    • ideal for Single-Object metrics (Outbound Calls).
  2. Use the Report2Metric interface.
    • Ideal for Multi-Object metrics (Won Opps by Account Type).

With the Report2Metric interface you create a report in Salesforce and then sync it to Ambition where we count the number of rows per-person, per-date and assign metric values. 

Ambition Product Update: Salesforce Metric Builder

We've now upgraded our Report2Metric system to transmit all data to Ambition to be used with our existing Metric Builder. 

This lets you sync Salesforce Reports like below onto real-time, personalized dashboards for each rep inside of Ambition.

ambition report2metric

ambition salesforce

Think of a Salesforce report now as a data-warehouse. Fill a tabular report full of columns. Sync it over to Ambition, build anything you want on top of it. 

The Automated Sales Management Platform

Sales leaders use Ambition to bring transparency, ownership and insight to sales performance metrics. The platform integrates all key data points from your CRM, phone system, and other major data systems under one roof. 

Using drag-and-drop interfaces, sales leaders can build sales performance analytics that suit the specific needs of their sales organization - complete with benchmarks, scores, goal trackers, TVs, leaderboards, competitions, coaching modules, and flexible on-command reporting into activities, objectives, and efficiency metrics.

Sales Performance Dashboard

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