The unifying mission of every enterprise software company is simple: happy clients. 

Last week, the Ambition Team was honored to learn that our user reviews on G2 Crowd netted us the highest Score of all Tennessee-based software platforms - above esteemed contemporaries like Emma, Skuid, and Cirrus Insight.


To everyone who's endorsed our platform, championed our implementation, selected an Anthem, or 'liked' a social post - you are the #1 engine that energizes our team at Ambition HQ. (Runners-up: Slack Triggers, Billboards, 80s Action Movies).

Live in Tennessee? Join us at the 2018 AA-ISP Tennessee Sales Kickoff at EventBrite on February 22nd. 

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Ambition is just getting started. Look for the debut of a brand-new Ambition feature (our 8th product release in 30 days) following this post. We'll leave you with our top 5 favorite Ambition user reviews on G2 Crowd.

  1. Travis Huff. Director, B2B Sales. Wayfair. "Love the competition Ambition brings out in my sales organization. Helped us increase revenue-per-rep 100% and created a highly visual way to drive activity and accountability on the sales floor." Watch Wayfair Customer Highlight Video.
  2. Mark Kosoglow. VP Sales. Outreach. "Addictive. Awesome. Action-Inspiring. My reps are obsessed with their YouTube Anthems. Adds huge visibility around key metrics and helped increase our SDR productivity by 2x." Watch Outreach Customer Highlight Video.
  3. Andrew Lockwood. Sr. Manager, Analytics and Solution Design. Kenco Group. "Ambition raised our bottom-line margin by 45% in 3 months. Our brokers love the ability to customize their profiles and celebrations (via GIFs, videos) when they hit goals." Read Kenco Case Study.
  4. Adam Wooley. Director of Demand Generation. Prezi. "The perfect tool for visualizing team performance. Motivates reps and empowers leadership to easily track performance at-a-glance (on multiple continents). Watch Prezi Walkthrough Video.
  5. Trent Roberts. VP Strategy & Execution. Fitzmark. "Our reps watch Ambition constantly. The dashboards, leaderboards, and TVs are powerful ways to view KPIs and make flexible reports with Salesforce and TMS data." Watch Fitzmark Walkthrough Video

Ambition: The Sales Performance Platform

Ambition is an agile sales management platform that powers fast-paced, data-driven sales organizations. Companies like Aerotek, UPS, Wayfair, and Clayton Homes use Ambition to get 360° sales performance insights, elevate sales culture and drive revenue. 

Modern sales leaders use Ambition to enhance sales performance insights and run real-time sales reports, scorecards, contests, activity and goal trackers, and TVs via drag-and-drop interface.  

See why the Harvard Business ReviewAA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization), and other industry experts endorse Ambition as a must-have vendor for today's millennial-driven sales teams and call centers.



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