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The 2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit is right around the corner! Ready for Chicago? You will be after listening to our Inside Sales Yacht Rock playlist.

The Ambition Team will be making our 3rd trek to Summit, where we'll be hosting our very own AA-ISP sponsored 5K, hobnobbing with old industry colleagues and watching CSO Jared Houghton's soon-to-be legendary panel discussion on the future of sales incentives.

At events like these, it's important to keep sight of priorities. Number one, obviously, is to stop by the Ambition booth to see why we won AA-ISP Top Service Provider status last year.  

Number two - interface with the best and brightest of the inside sales profession.

People to Meet at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit [PT 1]

With so much on this year's agenda, we decided to break down our short list of the 10 people worth following at this year's summit. Make time to connect with these 10 people - they're AA-ISP royalty for a reason. 

AA-ISP Leadership Summit

The first five members on our list are speakers at this year's Leadership Summit. Peruse the AA-ISP LS17 agenda and mark their sessions down as "Must Attend." 

1. Dionne Mischler

Dionne Mischler is a rock star among the inside sales creme-de-la-creme at AA-ISP's Leadership Summit. The founder of Inside Sales By Design, Ms. Mischler has been recognized as the President of AA-ISP's Top Chapter (Orange County) and earned 'Most Influential Inside Sales Professional' status on multiple occasions.

This year, Dionne will be hosting a three-part workshop entitled "Transforming Your Inside Sales Team." Part 1 offers basic building blocks, Part 2 provides real-world use cases, and Part 3 is an actual workshop to begin implementing her solutions.

Ambition Blog Appearance: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Dionne Mischler; Unlocking Inside Sales with Dionne Mischler; 5 Halftime Speeches from Top Sales CoachesAdvice from 16 B2B Sales Experts

2. Steve Richard

The Chief Revenue Officer of ExecVision, Steve Richard has built a sterling industry reputation as an inside sales operator and innovator. Steve's insights on sales and business have been featured in The Harvard Business Review, The Washington Business Journal, The Washington Post, CNN/Money and CNBC. Steve has also been named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Inside Sales by AA-ISP.

At this year's Leadership Summit, Steve is hosting a workshop, entitled, "Build Your Own Coaching Scorecard." In this session, Steve will provide objective criteria for evaluating what a ‘good’ call is in your company. Steve will share best practices learned from over 100 companies and facilitate small-group working sessions. 

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3. Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson is one of the most tenured and respected voices in inside sales. The founder of Score More Sales! has been publishing great insights online and consulting for over a decade. Lori also in in her 5th year as Co-President of AA-ISP's Boston Chapter.

At the 2017 Summit, Lori will be moderating a Women Sales Leaders - Peer Panel and Workshop discussion with Anita Boghoussian of Dassault and Jennifer Prescott of Thomson Reuters at 2pm CST, April 19th. 

Ambition Blog Appearance: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Lori Richardson; Advice from 16 B2B Sales Experts

4. Brandon Bruce

The Co-Founder and COO of Cirrus Insight is a breath of fresh air in the ego-filled world of B2B sales. Brandon has spent years helping make Cirrus the #2 highest rated app on the Salesforce App Exchange by syncing and automating email, calendar and CRM in one place.

At the 2017 Summit, Brandon will be hosting an intriguing session, enthtled, "Physics & Sales: Understanding Acceleration, Black Holes, Stars, and Other Sales Phenomena." Its premise: How understanding basic principles of acceleration can help you deliver the Big Bang in sales that your organization needs. 

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5. Jill Rowley

A legendary sales consultant and software sales practitioner, Jill Rowley has been at the forefront of the digital transofrmation of sales. Her practical approaches to social selling, ICP identification and targeting, and sales technology utilization are - to this day - ahead of their time. Jill is a great conversationalist (no surprise) who's worth meeting at AA-ISP LS 17.

At the 2017 Summit, Jill will be co-hosting a session with Jamie Shanks, entitled, "Account Based Everything: Social Selling + ABSD = Increased Deal Velocity."  The Wednesday afternoon discussion will be a must-attend for people who want to get beyond the buzzwords and into the meet of the titular topics.

Ambition Blog Appearance: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Jill Rowley

People to Meet at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit [PT 2]

AA-ISP Leadership Summit

1. Mark Kosoglow

The VP of Sales at Outreach has become a bona fide sensation in the inside sales community, thanks to his admirable performance turning the sales acceleration software company into an overnight juggernaut. 

A Jacco van der Kooj disciple, Mark has also built a large following thanks to his humble, no-nonsense approach to the B2B sales profession at large. Meet him at AA-ISP LS17 if you get the opportunity.

Ambition Blog Appearance: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Mark Kosoglow; 5 Halftime Speeches from Top Sales Coaches; How Outreach Uses Ambition: 9 Videos

2. Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi is synonymous with inside sales. The Bridge Group CEO and author of the Sales Development Playbook has few contemporatries in the modern sales profession. She's an expert on everything from high-level strategy to in-the-field tactics. Perhaps the world's foremost expert on the subject of sales development, Trish is a go-to person to meet for any sales leader with a committed sales development strategy as part of their go-to-market.

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3. Laurie Page

Laurie Page is a veteran inside sales consultant and Managing Partner at The Bridge Group. Laurie has spent the last 15 years helping build TBG into one of the most respected organizations in the profession - possessing both the tenure and track record of success that every sales consultant aspires to. Along with her other Bridge Group contemporaries, add Laurie to your list of "Must Meet" people at this year's AA-ISP Leadership Summit.

Ambition Blog Appearance: Sales Productivity Advice from 6 Experts

4. Alex Turner

The Consulting Director for Numerify and Sales Hacker Ambassador has become one of the most well-known (and well-liked!) members of the AA-ISP community. Sales development leadership stints with Wrike, PeopleLinx, and NetTel Partners give Alex a higher-than-average experience level regarding today's most talked-about sector of the inside sales profession. Add Alex to your list of people to meet at the 2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit.

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5. Sean Kester

SalesLoft VP of Product Marketing and former Head of Sales Development Sean Kester has spent the last 3+ years in the sales development trenches at SalesLoft. First as the company's original Sales Development Representative, then it's SDR Manager, and now, it's VP of Product Marketing. Sean has the full 360° pedigree when it comes to sales development - include him on your list of people to meet at this year's Leadership Summit.

Ambition Blog Appearanes: Management Pet Peeves of 5 Inside Sales Leaders

Meet Ambition at the 2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit

Our team will be there in full force! Stop by our booth or schedule a 1:1 chat with a member of our team to learn how Ambition's AA-ISP and Harvard Business Review-endorsed sales management platform can help you manage and motivate your troops with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Your Sales Force Needs Ambition

Ambition clarifies and publicizes real-time performance analytics for your entire sales organization. Using a drag-and-drop interface, non-technical sales leaders can build custom scorecards, contests, reports, and TVs.

Ambition is endorsed by Harvard Business Review, AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization), and USA Today as a proven solution for managing millennial sales teams. Hear from our customers below.

Watch Testimonials:

  1. FiveStars: Adam Wall. Sr. Manager of Sales Operations . 
  2. Filemaker: Brad Freitag. Vice-President of Worldwide Sales.
  3. Outreach: Mark Kosoglow. Vice-President of Sales.
  4. Cell Marque: Lauren Hopson. Director of Sales & Marketing.
  5. Access America Transport: Ted Alling. Chief Executive Officer.

Watch Product Walkthroughs:

  1. ChowNow. Led by Vice-President of Sales, Drew Woodcock.
  2. Outreach. Led by Sales Development Manager, Alex Lynn.
  3. AMX Logistics. Led by Executive Vice-President ,Jared Moore.

Read Case Studies:

  1. Clayton HomesHBR finds triple-digit growth in 3 sales efficiency metrics. 
  2. Coyote Logistics: Monthly revenue per broker grew $525 in 6 months.
  3. Peek: Monthly sales activity volume grew 142% in 6 months.
  4. Vorsight: Monthly sales conversations grew 300% in 6 months.

Contact us to learn how Ambition can impact your sales organization today.

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