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Client Testimonial: Outreach

Sept. 12, 2016 · Jared Houghton · 1 Minute Read

Since 2015, Outreach VP of Sales Mark Kosoglow has used Ambition to drive his rapidly growing sales force, which has expanded from a team of 1 to 40+ members in just 18 months.

Mark is a long-time advocate for Ambition's sales performance solution and we're thrilled to feature him in our latest client testimonial. Watch the video below to hear Mark's story.  

Special thanks to Mark and the Outreach team. We couldn't ask for a better client and software partner. Learn more about Outreach and Ambition's partnership to drive millennial sales teams by clicking here

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Ambition has been independently endorsed by the Harvard Business Review, declared a Category High Performer in Sales Performance Management by G2Crowd, and selected as a 2016 Top Service Provider by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

To learn more about how clients use Ambition, check out our special webinar with ChowNow VP of Sales, Drew Woodcock, who shows how he uses Ambition to drive his 30+ member millennial sales force. To contact Ambition, visit our Contact page or email sales@ambition.com.

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Sales Leaders, HR Professionals, and C-Level Executives use Ambition to recognize, motivate, and develop employees into more engaged and productive versions of themselves. Funded by Google, used by the Fortune 500, endorsed by the Harvard Business Review.