2022 was the year of the sales coach. We launched Coaching Orchestration™ and focused on product enhancements, releases, and updates that better enable coaches and managers to lead and engage with their teams in meaningful ways. 

65% of sales reps say their direct manager is the most influential to their success—yet 34% of revenue leaders don’t know if or how often their managers are coaching. With product updates that provide coaching visibility, accountability, and ease, we continue to build upon our end-to-end coaching solution that improves manager effectiveness and rep potential. 

Last year’s data is proof that our customers continue to make coaching an integral part of their culture, and I’m excited about all the ways we will continue to support their initiatives. Here’s to another year of innovations that put people first. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2023.

2022 Product Updates

1. Prorate Individual and Team Targets When Employees are Out of Office 

With the ability to mark users out of office, group competitions and scorecards will reflect more accurate contributions and activity, even if a team member is OOO. Prorating normalizes scorecard targets for both the user and the groups they are part of to reflect the user's time out of office per scorecard time frame.

Scorecard contributions in Ambition

2. Prepare for and Document Your Team Meetings More Efficiently

Built to support team meetings and group coaching events, Group Check-ins enable more efficient recurring conversations between leaders and their teams. All aspects of coaching are conveniently accessible right within the check-in, so you end every meeting with clarity, clear action items, documentation, and visibility for upper management. 

Weekly AE deal review group check-in

3. Measure Manager Effectiveness with Coaching Analytics

Effective sales coaching begins with manager accountability. Coaching Analytics gives Admin roles a direct line of sight into every manager activity in Ambition. With visibility into how many check-ins were completed, coaching frequency, and trends, leaders have greater insight into how well their managers are managing and how they can optimize coaching programs accordingly. 

Manager accountability and coaching analytics

4. Assign Action Items for Follow-up After Every 1:1 or Team Meeting
New Action Item capabilities enable greater accountability and flexibility for reps and managers alike. Beyond assigning deliverables for follow-up within a Check-in, you can now:

  • View items from a previous Check-in within the current Check-in
  • Assign Action Items to any Check-in participant
  • Send email notifications with assigned Action Items
  • Create Action Items in bulk for Group Check-ins
  • Allow assignees to edit Action Items

Action items in Ambition
5. Maximize Visibility into Goals, Progress, and Key Metrics with the AmbitionTV App

Ambition leaderboards can now be broadcast on any compatible screen via the AmbitionTV App, available on Google Play or Chromecast. Whether you are working in the office with your team or working from home, you can keep goals, progress, and wins globally visible to create a culture of encouragement and accountability, no matter where you’re located. 

AmbitionTV App

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