2021 was a year for the books. A lot has changed as we’ve adapted to a work-from-anywhere world, but one thing remains the same: your people are your most powerful asset. Consistent coaching, clearly stated goals and objectives, and recognition along the way are key to their success. 

That’s why we spent 2021 finding ways to better support you. From customizable coaching capabilities and convenient data integrations to more accurate metrics and time-saving automations, we know last year’s product release updates will serve you and your people into 2022 and beyond. Let’s take a look at our Top 10 product updates from 2021. 

2021 Product Updates 

  1. Gong Integration

Centralize coaching and conduct better informed 1-on-1 check-ins with revenue intelligence now at your fingertips within Ambition. 

  1. Microsoft Teams Integration

Send workflow notifications and share Leaderboards on the fly via Teams, which offers greater visibility and encourages rep recognition and engagement.

  1. Slack Integration Updates

Capture coaching notes directly in Slack using the /ambition command, which instantly notifies the recipient via email and posts to their coaching timeline. 

  1. Public API for Coaching Data

Export Ambition coaching data into your third-party business intelligence platform.

  1. New Agenda Items for Coaching

Customize Coaching with multiple choice, checkboxes, follow-up questions, and metric snapshots.

  1. Workflows

Celebrate your team’s big and small wins in real time with automated Workflows. 

  1. Saved Filters for Leaderboards

Bookmark your favorite Leaderboards, toggle between them, and get real-time status updates with a single click. 

  1. Scorecards

Assign more accuracy to scorecards with blended metric types, decimal point values, and the ability to toggle weekends on or off. 

  1. In App Exports

Easily export up to 1,000 Check-ins and Goals data at a time, plus Program Q&As and competition results. 

  1. Custom Coaching Rating Categories

Highlight specific and customizable categories per coaching initiative with updated Rating Categories.

That may be a wrap on 2021, but this is only the beginning. Cheers to a new year, new updates, and all of you ambitious leaders on this journey with us.

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