Capture and analyze rep sentiment with our latest release

Sales reps feel disengaged right now. You might be blaming the pandemic or remote work, but these are not the reasons why they’re disengaged. Your reps are disengaged because they don’t see a clear path for growth or professional development and they lack a sense of connection with you, their leader and champion.

A recent SiriusDecision report found that up to 80% of salespeople choose to depart because of this missing connection with leadership. This single data point tells us that your sellers aren’t feeling seen, heard, or recognized. That’s why our latest product release includes an important new feature, poll agenda items, within our coaching toolset. This empowers sales leaders and managers to quickly capture and analyze opinions and feedback on a regular cadence then offer advice, change perceptions, or have a real-time conversation to encourage reps along the way.

How poll agenda items will affect your team engagement rate for good

Start each week by asking your reps to quickly self-reflect and capture insights by triggering the poll. The poll agenda item can be customized to focus on your business or team process and we’ve included the ability to save your favorite questions to use again later.

Questions you might want to ask your reps

  1. How would you rate your overall performance this month?
  2. How did week one go?
  3. How communicative and proactive was your mentee this week?
  4. How confident are you that you'll hit quota this month?
  5. Rate your productivity last week

Your reps will then use the one to five slider scale to report in to you (one being low and five being high) and have the opportunity to explain their rating via free text. As their manager, you can then respond and comment back to start a conversation that will positively affect the change you want to see. 

Poll agenda items are also time stamped, archived, and can be referenced during 1:1s or reviews to show change in satisfaction, confidence, or productivity over time. 

How an emphasis on coaching will impact your 2022 numbers

Organizations that suffer from high levels of disengagement see up to 20% lower sales. With a focus on building a coaching program or optimizing the one in place with tactics like a sentiment analysis using poll agenda items, you will directly influence revenue and other critical business metrics including:
  • Retention and turnover 
  • Sales activity and employee-to-manager ratios
  • Time efficiencies for frontline sales managers
  • Coverage of sales territories and overall productivity 
  • Rep satisfaction and engagement 

To learn more about poll agenda items, visit, or for a deep dive on the ROI of sales coaching click here

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