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5 Holiday Sales Contest Ideas to Finish 2021 Strong


5 Holiday Sales Contest Ideas to Finish 2021 Strong

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5 Holiday Sales Contest Ideas to Finish 2021 Strong

The holidays are rapidly approaching and with holiday cheer running swiftly through our veins comes a decline in productivity across many organizations. As a sales manager, you’re likely feeling the pressure to keep reps focused and hitting goals. While many reps check out during December, there is something you can do to boost engagement and motivate them to finish the year strong. Join the fun!

Creating more relevant, targeted sales competitions towards the end of the year will not only get you closer to hitting your goals and result in a healthier bottom line, it will also lift the spirits of your entire team. With many businesses and key prospects out of office for a couple weeks, and many organizations gearing up for sales kickoff, reps can start to feel burnt out. 

Adding holiday spirit to your competitions will add some joy and fun to these mundane December days, while helping you get closer to your number. 

Top 5  Sales Competitions

  1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town 

    Goal: This competition acknowledges the fact that the holidays are rapidly approaching, while also encouraging focus for the remainder of the month. It ensures the reps don’t “check out” and gives them a fun competition to get excited about. Santa Claus may be coming to town, but he’s not here yet!

    What: A one-week or two-week competition focusing on moving opportunities from one status to the next. Reward points for each step the opportunity moves. Whoever moves the most opps and gains the most points, wins!

    Prizes: An earned Santa Claus accolade for their profile and anything that would be considered a Christmas present like cash, coffee gift card, or Christmas movie tickets. 
  2. Holiday Hustle

    Goal: This is the competition for closers. Encourage your reps to close those last-minute deals. This is a tough one, so it’s time to hustle!

    What: Anytime there is a closed/won deal, reward points. The person with the most points after a week wins the final prize.

    Prizes: Each day, award a winner a $25 gift card. At the end of the competition, the person with the most points gets a $100 gift card and a holiday-themed accolade.
  3. Rudolph Raffle

    Goal: This competition involves everyone. Write a list of small gifts onto a sheet of paper and put that into a glass bowl or hat. Each day, once you’ve chosen a winner, draw from the bowl or hat and give them that prize!

    What: Run this contest for one week. This contest should be focused around specific sales activities or behaviors. One day, it can be about call volume. The next day, it might be about meetings booked. Whether it’s someone being a team player, or crushing goals, each day should have a theme. This reinforces that each member of the team is valued.

    Prizes: Each day, someone will win a small gift. These can be holiday-themed gifts, or something small like a coffee gift card. Everyone should win something!
  4. Fa la la la Leads

    Goal: You guessed it, this one is for leads! The winner of this competition should be converting leads left and right. If your team or departments are split, this could include the marketing team or inbound team.

    What: Set a team goal for lead conversion. The idea is to hit the goal all together as one team, but the person who brings in the most Sales Qualified or Sales Accepted Leads should gain an extra prize. Reward each lead with points, and if the team hits their goal, they all win.

    Prizes: There should be one team prize, like an in-office or virtual happy hour and another individual prize, like cash or coffee gift card for the individual that earned the most points.
  5. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

    Goal: For this competition, you have two options: you can either look at the reps’ year-to-date performance, or you can run a month-long competition. You’re going to need a little more data for this one.

    What: This competition is to encourage your reps all throughout December, or all throughout the year. Make this an end-of-year tradition, where one winner to rule them all is crowned that year’s king or queen. The target can be the person who brought in the most revenue, the person with the most activity, or the most valuable player on the team.

    Prizes: Make this one big prize. With a holiday-themed crown accolade they can boast all year, and a big prize of your choice, this person should feel recognized and appreciated.

Ready to join in all the reindeer games?

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