Accountability in the Workplace 101

You and your team can’t get work done without accountability in the workplace—it’s what holds everyone responsible for their day-to-day duties and keeps teams united toward common goals. Accountability is simply the feeling of responsibility individuals feel about their own work. Having accountability at work not only improves employee performance but boosts company culture and clarity. When everyone is accountable for what’s expected of them, goals are met and productivity skyrockets. So let’s take a deeper dive into why accountability is so important, and how to increase accountability at work. 

Why You Need Accountability in the Workplace

When teams don’t have clarity on what they need to accomplish to meet company-wide goals, they aren’t able to be accountable for their work. And when your team can’t be accountable for their work, productivity crumbles. Proactively establishing a culture of accountability directly impacts culture, engagement, and productivity. Establishing clear expectations of accountability for everyone has a snowball effect on an organization. 

When teams across the organization follow through on promises, constructively communicate feedback, and support each other, it lends to a healthy and positive culture. These things happen as a result of accountability—everyone knows what they’re responsible for, so they’re able to keep work flowing accordingly. When culture is woven with accountability, integrity, and honesty, your team is able to work towards their goals and continue improving as they grow with you. They have the confidence to feel autonomous and accountable for their work, keeping everyone moving towards organization-wide targets.  

It seems simple enough, but accountability can become hard to maintain across teams if leadership doesn’t implement the right tools and practices! Creating a culture of proactive accountability starts with clarity and communication. And there are lots of digital tools on the market to help manage tasks and boost productivity. Some solutions like Ambition even make it easy to roll out accountability exercises at work. 

Increasing Accountability in the Workplace 

When it comes to increasing accountability, first and foremost it’s important for organization leaders to be clear about what their vision is and how employees can contribute to company goals. Not only that, but it’s imperative that leadership also have an easy way for their team to access and view goals, expectations, and feedback. Modern work tracking and sales accountability solutions make that easier than ever. 

And that’s where solutions like Ambition come in. You can utilize Ambition’s goal tracking solutions, coaching features, digital sales scorecards, and more to increase accountability, boost productivity, and keep things fun.

Track Organization-Wide Goals for Clear Accountability 

Sales goal tracking

Ambition’s goal tracking software allows you to not only automate your goal tracking, but map out the steps it takes to get there. By reviewing your sales goals then nailing down a few key activities that produce desired objectives for each part of your team, you’ll be directly affecting accountability. Ambition allows you to set and track individual, team, and organization-wide goals. You can measure and visualize each team member’s contribution toward team goals and access each rep’s progress toward individual goals in real time without ever having to run or refresh a report. So your team can clearly see what they need to accomplish and you can provide feedback quickly to keep everyone accountable.

Coach Your Team to Increase Accountability 

sales coaching screens Ambition

You and your leadership team can utilize Ambition’s coaching software to step in with individual coaching when your sales reps need additional feedback or guidance. You can also use this to run 1:1 coaching sessions with accountability exercises at work! Ambition will automatically remind you of meetings. It will also send team members questions (and save answers) prior to each meeting, so everyone comes to the meeting ready to talk about what’s necessary. This is great for running accountability exercises that address strengths and weaknesses and open the floor for clarifying discussions. 

Boost Accountability with Digital Sales Scorecards 

sales scorecards

Ambition’s customizable, automated sales scorecards focus your reps on the exact sales activities that will pace them to the goal—and it’s one of the best ways you can clearly define goals for sales accountability. A sales scorecard gives your sales reps a clear path to success, breaking down quotas into daily or weekly activities and objectives. With Ambition’s scorecards, your reps know exactly what they’re accountable for to hit their number. As you’re creating a system of accountability, you’ll also have clear visibility into who’s on track and who may need additional coaching. These scorecards integrate with your tech stack too, automating the tracking and scoring of dials made, meetings booked, emails sent and more.

Maintain Clarity for Accountability with Sales Dashboards

digital sales dashboard

At the heart of accountability is clarity—and everything from sales contests and coaching notifications to goal metrics and more are all clearly visible to everyone who needs to see it. Ambition sales dashboards turn your raw sales data into actionable performance insights, for smart, strategic decision making and performance improvement. Improve sales performance by moving away from static dashboards and utilizing dynamic sales software that automates goal tracking and powers competitions. And it’s completely accessible and visible throughout your entire organization, so accountability has never been easier to achieve. 

Clarity and Accountability Go Hand in Hand 

Utilizing the right tools keeps goals and expectations clear so accountability is not only understood but fully recognized. When everyone understands their priorities and objectives they have a clear path to how they can contribute. Over 3,000 sales managers use Ambition’s solutions to create a sense of clarity and accountability across their departments. But why not find out for yourself—schedule a free demo to learn what Ambition can do to help boost accountability across your organization. 

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