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Gamifying Sales with Your Ambition + Salesforce Integration


Gamifying Sales with Your Ambition + Salesforce Integration

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Gamifying Sales with Your Ambition + Salesforce Integration


It seems for most sales organizations, Salesforce is the leading CRM of choice. Salesforce is great for managing your customers, but it is not designed for managing your sales team. If your sales organization uses Salesforce as a CRM, Ambition is a perfect integration for making your Salesforce data actionable and coachable, for driving utilization and adoption of sales activities into your Salesforce CRM and for gamifying the sales process to turn everyday tasks into optimized selling behaviors.

Here are some of the ways you can make the most out of integrating your Salesforce instance into Ambition.

Automate and gamify sales activity tracking

You likely already have your tech stack integrated into your Salesforce account. When you connect Salesforce to Ambition (in about 10 clicks) it will also bring in data from the integrations you have flowing into Salesforce. This means you can track and score how many Outreach emails are going out. Track and score the outbound or inbound calls from your dialers like RingDNA or Salesloft. You can likely see this data in Salesforce already, but when you integrate Ambition, you can make it part of the sales scorecard. It encourages your reps to log sales activities because it contributes to their daily or weekly activity score and puts them atop sales leaderboards. 


You can access the full Ambition experience right from Salesforce via the Ambition Widget

Running automated individual or team contests in Ambition is a breeze. Whether it’s a Fantasy Football competition, a World Cup-style matchup, or a challenge you’ve dreamed up yourself: Ambition will visualize standings, updates and results as they happen, so you can compare performance and goal attainment across the leaderboard. Salesforce has never been so fun. Ambition will handle the scoring, the gamifying and will surface coachable moments to you in the productivity quadrant and insights dashboard, and you never even have to leave Salesforce thanks to the widget

Embed sales scorecards right into Salesforce

With the Ambition Salesforce full or small size widget, your reps never have to leave Salesforce to see how they are scoring for the day or stacking up against their peers. The mini widget is perfect to keep the pertinent sales KPIs right there in front of the rep. The visibility of the data drives productivity from the reps and allows for performance accountability and transparency. With the Ambition and Salesforce sync, the reps log sales activities the way they are used to right in Salesforce, and that automatically rolls up into an activity score based on how the manager weights the importance of the sales activities. The reps are incentivized to focus on the most productive sales tasks and there is visibility into how they are doing right there in salesforce. Each and every rep will be able to see and know if they are meeting manager expectation by end of day. Best part, it is all automated from your salesforce data. 

Coach, compare and improve sales productivity 

Ambition automatically captures real-time data from Salesforce, then broadcasts your key metrics on office-wide, big-screen leaderboards and personalized dashboards for every rep. That gives you and your team 24/7 visibility into the activities and objectives that generate big results. When you access Ambition right inside your Salesforce widget, you’ll have access to the productivity quadrant to see which sales reps are converting sales activities into objectives and results. With a quick scan, see who is dialing like crazy, but just not getting meetings. Something might be up-- check in with them on their outbound list, their pitch or their cadence because it seems the hustle is there, but the skills need refining. 

Eliminate administrative tasks with a user hierarchy sync

Take the administrative work out of managing your rep organizational hierarchy by syncing your Salesforce user hierarchy and management with Ambition. 

Using Ambition's User Hierarchy Sync, you can automatically map over changes in user settings from Salesforce to Ambition. Things like roles, locations, teams will all sync over so you only have to manage it in one place (Salesforce). This is great for high turnover sales teams or teams that are rapidly expanding, but is also just great for any size team looking to practice good data hygiene. And it’s super simple too. Once a rep’s user attributes are mapped over to Ambition, any changes to the rep’s profile in Salesforce will automatically be reflected in Ambition.

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