Check all of your sales enablement initiatives off your list with the latest updates to Ambition’s must-have coaching software. 


We’re about to release our biggest coaching update of the year. Your team can ramp faster, amplify your coaching impact, lift performance, drive CRM adoption, and keep all your coaching assets in one place with Ambition’s latest coaching updates. But we aren’t stopping there! 2020 will be all about helping teams coach better and drive meaningful, measurable growth along the path to quota domination.  

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 Start coaching faster

If your sales team is already coaching, then you’re ahead of the game. However: 47% of reps would currently rate their 1:1s at a 6 or worse on a scale of 1-10. Audit your program and ensure that your managers are spending as little time on the front lines as possible — and that they're not so weighed down by administrative tasks that they can't focus on coaching their reps (in more than just a 1:1).

  • [New!] Sync Salesforce hierarchy for employees (no need to set up your employees and roles twice) 

  • [New!] Coaching built front and center into the sales manager dashboard experience with improved interface and admin view

  • [New!] Managers get "prep" materials for each rep, so they can stay organized and reference past sessions

  • [New!] Add agenda items right inside the check-in builder

  • [New] Integrate third-party tools like Chorus or Xactly in the custom tab of your coaching view

Keep all your coaching assets in one place

  • [New!] Attach call files to check-ins for call coaching 

  • [New!] Send calendar invites right from Ambition

  • [New!] Attach and share a performance reports 

  • [New!] Reminder emails are automatically deployed for upcoming sessions 

  • [New!] Conversation intelligence or ICM dashboards embed right into Ambition

Reduce ramp time 

Sales teams need to create a successful formula and process for onboarding and ramping new reps as quickly as possible. The key to the most successful ramp programs is that they are repeatable and predictable. You need a ramp blueprint that helps managers automate as much as possible and allows them to coach a specific ramp program for the new reps. 

  • [New!] Required acknowledgement of action items in action plans to ensure training stays on course

  • [New!] Shared notes to easily send one off tips to reps - or private notes just for manager reference

  • [New!] New trend comparisons to see how new reps perform compared to the rest of the new hire class 

Turn managers into a multiplying coaching force


  • [New!] One-off check-ins and check-in templates allow managers to coach on the fly outside of regularly scheduled programs

  • [New!] Managed programs automatically enroll managers and any reps that join their team


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