Sales Dashboards

Ambition Dashboards turn your raw sales data into actionable performance insights, so you can make smart, strategic decisions — no spreadsheets required.
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Real-Time Dashboards to Visualize Your Data

Sync Your Data from Anywhere

Ambition was designed to be the heart of your sales tech stack. With out-of-the-box Salesforce or API integration options, you can bring all of your data into a central dashboard, where raw numbers become meaningful, at-a-glance insights. No more reports, no more spreadsheets, no more sales math.

KPIs, Goals, Programs, and Progress — All in One Place

The programs you’re running — from competitions to goals to coaching to projections — come together to help you hit the big number. Shouldn’t they all live in one place? Ambition Dashboards create a central location for every program you’re running, so you can track, measure and see the impact of your efforts on performance and productivity.

Unlock Efficiency Metrics

Efficiency metrics are a better way to gauge performance than sheer quantity counts. These percentage rates tell you who’s performing well (and who’s not) based on the opportunities they're given. All of these are coachable metrics where you would expect to see your reps improve over time — and you can view them right inside your Ambition dashboard. A few examples:
  • Connects to meetings set
  • Meetings held to opportunity
  • Emails sent to emails open

"Ambition gives me visibility into my leading indicators and lets me put incentives and pushes in-place to influence outcomes that we are looking for."

Brad Freitag, Worldwide VP of Sales, FileMaker

Frequently Asked Questions about
Sales Dashboards

A sales dashboard is a visualization of your sales data, typically using graphs or charts. Dashboards automatically turn raw numbers into meaningful performance insights without requiring sales managers to run reports in their CRM or sort through spreadsheets.

They can typically be filtered by time range, teams and individual reps. The best sales dashboards provide insights in real-time, so sales managers can make informed, strategic decisions around sales strategy, pipeline, and coaching programs based on the very latest data.

A sales dashboard is the key to analyzing sales performance. Dashboards make it easy for sales managers to make smart, fast decisions based on data, as opposed to relying on assumptions or intuition.

Sales dashboards also save time: managers don’t have to spend hours setting up and running reports or shifting through spreadsheets to identify trends and performance changes over time. Sales managers can use dashboards to identify opportunities for team or individual growth, as well as for more reliable, metric-driven forecasting.