Ambition Dashboards & Alerts

Stacks of data aren't helpful if you can't pivot and take action. Ambition's dashboards are designed to help you make decisions based on data.
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Proactive Alerts and Real-Time Dashboards to Power Your Sales Floor

Sync Your Data from Anywhere

With out-of-the-box Salesforce or API integration options you can bring all of your data into a central dashboard and trigger alerts based off any of your data sources.

No More Surprises Or Being Caught Too Far Off-Pace

Proactive sales management is made possible by automated trigger alerts to email or Slack. You shouldn’t be surprised when your dashboard loads. Alerts will let you celebrate wins like another meeting booked or intervene when your calls are behind at lunch time.

Goals, Progress, Metrics, and KPIs are Easier to Manage in One Place

All of your efforts and programs should work together to hit the big number. Ambition Dashboards create a central location for everything from your latest competitions and mini-goals to pacing, projections, and team productivity.

The Way to Improving Quota Attainment is through Efficiency Metrics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Sometimes half-the-battle is dialing the right metrics to coach around and work toward attainment. Ambition helps you unlock efficiency ratios for every rep and team in a single glance. You’ll know exactly who to coach and on what.

"Ambition gives me visibility into my leading indicators and lets me put incentives and pushes in-place to influence outcomes that we are looking for."

Brad Freitag, Worldwide VP of Sales, FileMaker