The performance management revolution is upon us, companies are ditching traditional annual reviews in favor for a more agile sales approach. To become an elite sales organization, a sales force must constantly be driving toward agile employee feedback & performance.

The full reinvention of employee performance reviews is already in full swing.

According to HBR, more than one-third of U.S. companies are doing just that. Companies like PriceWaterhouseCooper, Deloitte, Accenture, Dell, Gap, and KPMG have ditched traditional annual reviews in favor of proactive, data-driven, real-time management strategies.


With more access than ever before to analytics & data, smart executives understand that weekly check-ins between managers and employees can keep their company on target for their goals.


Gather valuable feedback & retain talent

By adopting an agile approach to Sales Performance Management, companies can gather and provide valuable feedback throughout the year, re-enforce positive behavior from their top reps, and coach up the middle performers along the way. Instead of waiting for annual performance reviews to discuss areas of improvement, your reps receive critical coaching throughout the year, which allows your managers to keep their team accountable.

Engage and motivate your reps success

Reviews have become too impersonal, which is an approach that has failed with a milliennial workforce - who crave frequent check in's with an emphasis on improvement and growth.

Check ins and Coaching conversations not only have to happen consistently - but they have to combine objective data about performance, coupled with context that enhanches the conversation.

Engaging reps day to day with recognition, visibility, and even competition enables real behavior and culture change in addition to manager 1:1s. Ambition has helped sales orgs evolve from transactional coaching orgs to strategic coaching, thanks to actionable, visible sales performance analytics and easier ways to establish positive sales culture. Through features like TV leaderboards and Fantasy Football-style scoring, your can publicize team success or top reps throughout your sales process.

Highlight successful reps and provide coaching for their sales reps

Your best reps are on the frontline, closing big deals and moving the needle for your organization. Closers want recognition, and in todays competitive business enviroment, yearly feedback is often not enough to retain your best talent.

Your average performers require even more focus, with management often struggling or reluctant to coach them up. Managing people is hard - but its critical to get the most of your people in Sales. Organizations live and die by their numbers. Modern sales leaders spend their days how to push their team to reach those key numbers.

As a software platform, Ambition serves as the right hand of sales leadership facing these daily pressures. One way we help handle this at scale is through productivity quadrants, which help you easily asses where your sales team stands, in terms of both effort and goal completion.


Create achievable goals and benchmarks

Achieving performance goals starts with establishing clear metrics, benchmarks and performance data. Managers have plenty to do, and while motivation is a key part of the job, software like Ambition can help.

Showcasing each employee's real-time progress towards each goal and making that data easily visible through Sales TVs and employee desktops, Ambition users have set forth a new model for setting, seeing and reviewing personnel goals across teams. Data speaks volumes, especially when it's personalized to each employee. Employees who have direct access to their real-time performance data and see it in a visually compellling way are never at a loss for focus, motivation and awareness. Millennials crave feedback, transparency, recognition and openness when it comes to their performance - Ambition makes it easy to hold them accountable.

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Ambition: Sales Performance Software

Ambition is a sales management platform that syncs every sales organization department, data source, and performance metric on one easy system.

Ambition clarifies and publicizes real-time performance analytics for your entire sales organization. Using a drag-and-drop interface, non-technical sales leaders can build custom scorecards, contests, reports, and TVs.

Ambition is endorsed by Harvard Business Review, AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization), and USA Today as a proven solution for managing millennial sales teams. Hear from our customers below.

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