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Welcome to the 4th annual March SaaSness Tournament, hosted by AmbitionQualtricsDiscoverOrg, and Prezi.

What is March SaaSness?

The SaaS industry's answer to March Madness. Where 64 SaaS companies compete in a single-elimination, six-round bracket concurrent with the NCAA Tournament.

March SaaSness 2018 bracket

March SaaSness 2018 finals

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Come for the spectacle. Stay for the schadenfreude of unicorns (traditional NCAA powerhouses) duke it out with their rivals and go down in a blaze of ignomy at the hands of a plucky startup.  

Who Competes in March SaaSness?

The process for selection and seeding is as rigorous as they come.

  • An anonymous Selection Committee handpicks the field.
  • Seeding is determined by Twitter followers.
  • 24-hour public vote determines who advances from each matchup.

This year's field of competitors includes the Who's Who of SaaS. For the first time ever, we gave each region its own specific market niche:

  • Human Resources 
  • Operations & BI
  • Marketing
  • Sales. 

For a full overview of the 2018 March SaaSness Tournament schedule, rules and voting format, read our 2018 Tourney Introduction

2018 March SaaSness Finals Preview

After 5 rounds and hundreds of thousands of votes ... only 2 battle-hardened SaaS companies remain.

Let's meet our two finalists set to compete in tomorrow's March SaaSness Championship Round. 

Matchup: BambooHR vs. LearnCore

march saasness finals 2018

How They Got Here: BambooHR 

BambooHR enters the Championship Round on the heels of 5 thrilling victories over the 'Who's Who' of HR software and our number one overall seed in this year's tournament. In Round 1, they beat Bullhorn to advance to a 2nd Round matchup versus HR Region 1-seed, Glassdoor. A savvy strategic alliance with Lever helped them pull off the upset and make their 2nd consecutive #SaaS16. In Round 3, BambooHR made another power move, turning heel on Lever and chewing and swallowing their onetime collaborator faster than you could say 'eucalyptus.' An Elite Eight victory over Greenhouse sent them to the Final Four, where they won one of the closest late-round matchups in March SaaSness history, beating HootSuite by a mere 4 votes.

march saasness

About the Company: BambooHR provides HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown using spreadsheets. BambooHR also helps companies keep track of all human resources activity for each individual employee. 

Founded: 2008. HQ: Lindoln, Utah. Experience: 2017 Sweet 16. 

How They Got Here: LearnCore

The 2018 Cinderella is just one win away from pulling off the greatest, most improbable run in March SaaSness history. LearnCore was the 64th overall seed (based on Twitter followers - right at 1,000) in our 2018 bracket. Out of our 8 tournament analysts this year, 0 predicted LearnCore to advance past their Round 1 matchup against Salesforce. But lo and behold, the Pride of Chicago took down 4 world-class opponents (1-seed Salesforce) (9-seed InsightSquared) (5-seed SalesLoft) (15-seed DocSend) to win the Sales Region and advance to the Final Four. Last Thursday, they pulled off their biggest upset, beating the most storied program in March SaaSness history, Evernote, to advance to the Championship Round. 

learncore software

About the Company: LearnCore is a sales enablement and video coaching solution that address common training challenges for large and growing organizations. Headquartered in Chicago and founded in 2012, LearnCore enables companies to onboard new reps faster, ensure consistent communication across global teams, and quickly roll out new certification programs and products. 

Founded: 2012. HQ: Chicago, IL. Tourney History: Debut.

What’s Next?

The 6th Round of the 2018 March SaaSness Tournament kicks off on Tuesday April 3rd, at 12am EST. Follow Ambition on Twitter for live score updates, analysis and final results for each matchup. Want more information? Visit Tourney Central at ambition.com/saasness/.

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