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Comparing 9 NFL Coaches in Ambition

Comparing 9 NFL Coaches in Ambition

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Comparing 9 NFL Coaches in Ambition

Another NFL Season is in the books. Enjoy this fun analysis of 9 NFL Head Coaches - using the Ambition Sales Management Platform.

Enjoy this fun look at the NFL coaching elite - through the lens of Ambition.


Ambition began with a singular vision - bring the excitement and energy of sports into modern call centers and sales bullpens.

After 5 years and counting, the verdict is in:

The positive responses from sales organizations like Wayfair, Outreach, Cloudinary, Kenco Group and more operate as our 12th man. And that's the very same principle we apply as a fully-loaded sales management solution. 

Just like any sports team, modern sales orgs need:

  • clear goals and incentives. 
  • consistent training and feedback.
  • constant coaching and collaboration.

Want to be a great coach? The best codify, implement, and automate the above systems into your sales culture, go-to-market strategy, and daily workflow. 

To illustrate our point - we put 9 NFL coaches into the Ambition ecosystem - with performance metrics corresponding to their real-world success. Read the (tongue-in-cheek) writeups below. 

NFL Coach #1. Bill Belichick | New England Patriots

Major Weaknesses: Imagining the NFL's winningest coach as a sales leader is tough. For starters, Belichick:

  • dresses like a Silicon Valley reject
  • has zero charisma
  • is a textbook misanthrope

Major Strengths: But wait. All those characteristics also signal:

  • bulletproof confidence.
  • unique thought process.
  • pathological obsession with work.

X-Factor: The corporate espionage Belichick would undertake to help his sales team win deals and steal clients. Laws would be broken.

  • Verdict: High-Performing Coach.

sales coaching

NFL Coach #2. Pete Carroll | Seattle Seahawks

We picture Pete Carroll's Ambition Profile looking similar to this:

sales coaching

Major Weaknesses: The most surefire signs a sales leader has lost his or her edge? 

While the team collapses in on itself like a dying star

Major Strengths: Look at this formidable track record:   

X-Factor: Who are we kidding? We'd kill to be on a Carroll-coached sales team.

  • Verdict: High-Performing Coach.

NFL coaching quadrant

NFL Coach #3. Mike Tomlin | Pittsburgh Steelers

Major Weaknesses: Biased Steelers fan here. This will be brief.

  • Belichick owns Tomlin. 2-7 lifetime record versus top rival? No bueno.  
  • My boss has coopted "The standard is the standard." Now code for, "Do better, Boudinet."

Major Strengths: Look at this formidable track record:   

  • 10 seasons as Head Coach. 0 losing records. Mediocrity is impossible under Tomlin.
  • Love Tomlin's poised-yet-loose sideline presence. Great fit for the sales bullpen.

X-Factor: The Steelers fanbase still sleeps on Tomlin. The chip on his shoulder equals the size of Bill Cowher's jaw.

  • Verdict: High-Performing Coach.

nfl sales coaches

NFL Coach #4. Mike McCarthy | Green Bay Packers

Major Weaknesses: The Cheesehead look doesn't translate to sales.

  • The nice-guy schtick? Didn't work for Jerry Lundergaard.
  • The post-Aaron Rodgers-era? No one's sold yet, Mike.

Major Strengths: Shooters shoot. Winners win.   

  • Won the NFC North 6 out of 10 years. 
  • Beat closest contemporary (Tomlin) to win Super Bowl.
  • A-Rodge seems to like him. 

X-Factor: Check out these December numbers - McCarthy is a remarkably bland, consistent winner.  

  • Verdict: High-Performing Coach.

sales coaching

NFL Coach #5. Andy Reid | Kansas City Chiefs

Major Weaknesses: Scientifically proven at this point.

  • Clock Management. Expect zero Q4 composure from an Andy Reid-led sales team. 
  • 2nd Tier-itis. Some sales leaders, great as they are, have an invisible ceiling.
  • Once that secret gets out, it's over.

Major Strengths: Again, scientifically proven.   

  • Developing Talent. Andy Reid works magic with teams that are young, raw, and hungry.
  • If there's an NFL coach who can turn around a team of talented misfits in any profession, it's Reid.
  • Calm, zen leadership style ... 95% of the time. 

X-Factor: Reid turns Jin Yiangs into Don Drapers overnight.  

  • Verdict: High-Performing Coach.

andy reid coaching breakdown

NFL Coach #6. Jason Garrett

The Bighead-Gavin Belson relationship dynamic between Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones needs no analysis.

There's only one KPI for Jason Garrett.

sales coaching

NFL Coach #7. Jon Gruden | Oakland Raiders

The only recent historical data sets for Jon Gruden are a) his salary; b) Q rating with the Black Hole.


NFL Coach #8. Marvin Lewis | Cincinnati Bengals

Major Weaknesses: The patron saint of winning when it doesn't matter.

  • Deathly allergic to clutchness, crunch-time heroics.
  • Look at this fake smile. Are we sure this man's even human?
  • Boring guy. Boring team. Horrifying smile.

Major Strengths: Let's see.   

X-Factor: Sales leadership forecast - best described in another Ambition feature.  

  • Verdict: (Sorta) High-Performing Coach.

marvin lewis sales coach

NFL Coach #9. Hue Jackson | Cleveland Browns

Major Weaknesses: You know what - let's skip the bullet points and just show you the chart.

sales coaching

Major Strengths: Record-breaking activity:output ratio signals three things.   

  • Hue Jackson lacked the basic enablement his team needed to succeed.
  • Owners and top executives are the primary cause of poor performance.
  • Jim Haslam is the worst owner / booster in all of sports. 

X-Factor: We got nothing.  

  • Verdict: Low-Performing Coach. 

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