Learn more about the 14 epic business intelligence tools for B2B teams in this part of the 2017 Trends and Tech Guide from Ambition today!

The 2017 Trends and Tech Guide for B2B Sales and Marketing is a brand-new eBook by Prezi, Ambition, and LeadGenius. The premise: 9 high-level overviews of the most pivotal trends impacting B2B sales, marketing, support and operations. An accompanying guide profiles 112 software business intelligence tools that solve the most pivotal needs for B2B business teams in 2017 and beyond.

Each chapter inside the 38 page eBook focuses on a particular trend, lists the needs associated with that trend, and ends with software profiles of 10-15 business intelligence tools most likely to help. To give you a primer, here's a look at the software tools designated best-in-class for business intelligence and data analytics in 2017.

The Best Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools

#1. Ambition. Sales management software for the millennial workforce.    ​

Ambition’s acclaimed employee productivity platform gives 360° visibility into individual and team performance. Create accountability and recognition with live performance data from any data source. Track and broadcast key metrics to personalized dashboards and office TVs. Put holistic goals right in front of your reps. Compare activity level and goal attainment across teams to see how hard and how smart your reps are working. Benchmark success for teams, roles and individuals, then drive results via automated scorecards, contests, recognition and reporting. Perfect for front office teams that value performance-driven culture and transparent operations.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

Best for: Growth, mid-market and enterprise front office teams with a rhythmic daily workflow, competitive employees, and high-energy culture.

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#2. ZoomInfo. Powerful sales and marketing intelligence at a low price.        

This is the most powerful sales and marketing intelligence tool at this price level. Way more data than Hoover’s. Way easier to use than Data.com. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to start conducting targeted prospect collection, enrichment, and data cleansing en masse, ZoomInfo's business intelligence tool is for you. Modern sales and marketing leaders swear by this platform.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

Best for: Sales and marketing leaders new to sales intelligence software, or that are unhappy with their current provider.

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#3. Clearbit. Prospect intelligence via efficient lead capture and data science.

Okay, so you’ve found a prospect or account that you’d like to target. How do you find and verify its contact info? Identify other key decision-makers within the account? Transform a name and email into dozens of key data points such as role, company size, website, technology stack, and location? The business intelligence tool Clearbit is your answer. It’s the most efficient way to get quick, actionable sales intelligence, update your prospect list, and assess the viability of new inbound leads you may be capturing. Tremendous bang for your buck, and highly versatile usability for today’s sales and marketing professionals.

Cost: $-$$. 

Best for: Prospectors, operations leads, and anyone who serves the top of the sales funnel.

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#4. RingLead. The data doctor for sales and marketing leads.

Duplicate records, degraded prospect data, reporting inaccuracies, and account mismanagement are all common afflictions sucking time and money from the major investments businesses make in CRM, marketing automation, and personnel. For companies imperiled by these issues, RingLead is a data health specialist that analyzes database quality, corrects duplicate contact entries, and auto-routes leads to appropriate personnel. A great investment for those who suffer from the ailments of bad data.  

Cost: $$. 

Best for: CRM and marketing automation users struggling with poor data quality.

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#5. MatterMark. Lead data enrichment and discovery for serious sales teams.

B2B sales and marketing leaders know what a painstaking process lead data enrichment and discovery can be. The more data-driven your sales and marketing operations, the more pertinent that pain point becomes. MatterMark uses automation and integrations with Salesforce, Google Sheets, and web browsers to enable targeted data discovery, import, and enrichment across the board.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

Best for: B2B sales organizations that use Salesforce and are highly data-driven in their sales process.

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#6. Hunter. Uncover prospect emails with one simple browser extension.

Hunter is the perfect starting point for a sales ops leader who is looking to find prospect data quickly and easily. Simply install the Email Hunter plugin into your Chrome Browser, and whenever you access a prospect’s LinkedIn page, you’ll be greeted with the Email Hunter button. When clicked, Hunter will guess the prospect’s work email based on the company’s standardized demarcation for employee emails. Whether you’re a rep doing some on-the-fly searching, an SDR prospecting for new leads, or a leader looking to perform bulk email discovery and import on the cheap, Hunter is a valuable little tool.

Cost: $-$$$. 

Best for: Anyone vetting new (and existing) contacts, and who needs more accurate contact info.

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#7. Ghostery. Discover the marketing stack of any company.

A neat little app that reveals the entire marketing technology stack of any company via their URL, Ghostery is a must-have for any sales or marketing team that derives value from this particular area of market intelligence. The applicability of marketing technology data is fairly broad. With the help of Ghostery, B2B sales and marketing teams can glean key insights into prospect accounts, ranging from IT budget to front office pain points and target markets.

Cost: $. 

Best for: B2B sales and marketing teams that consider marketing technology to be a crucial data point in prospect accounts.

#8. Optimizely. Data-backed website conversion and personalization.

Optimizely is a pure website optimization tool that includes features like A/B testing, site conversion analytics, traffic flow visualization, and mobile toggling. An awesome suite of features -- and that’s before you bring in Optimizely’s personalization capabilities, which enable companies to create variables of each page that appeal most directly to site visitors based on handpicked data points.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

Best for: Marketing leaders with high ICP variation and a dedicated inbound strategy.

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#9. Unbounce. Build and customize unique landing pages without coding.

A high bounce rate -- the percentage of website visitors who exit after just one pageview -- is the bane of a digital marketer’s existence. Unbounce knows that, which is why they’ve developed a pure landing page creation and optimization platform for the coding-challenged marketing team. Build self-serve hosted sites, design and customize landing pages, and execute A/B testing and advanced analytics assessments with ease.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

Best for: Marketing leaders looking to aggressively ramp up inbound leads in 2017.


#10. Domo. Cutting-edge business intelligence and data visualization.

Domo demonstrates the changing tides in business intelligence tools and performance management. Slick visuals, goal-oriented graphs, team communication channels, and real-time notifications distinguish Domo as a unique solution, built to maximize deliverability, actionability, and visibility on key operations.

Cost: $$. 

Best for: Forward-thinking mid-market and enterprise companies who rely heavily on disparate data tracking systems.

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#11. Tableau. War room for business intelligence and data analytics.        

Ask 1000 business leaders to name the first business intelligence tool that comes to mind. Most will say Tableau. Their souped-up business intelligence platform connects with hundreds of data sources, enabling instant data visualization, sharing, and on-the-go mobile insights. Create every conceivable graphic and build your business intelligence war room.

Cost: $$$. 

Best for: Mid-Market and enterprise-level organizations with relatively complex business operations.

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#12. GoodData. Command-and-control business intelligence.          

High-caliber business analytics and operations leaders require high caliber business intelligence sales solutions. GoodData offers a treasure trove of functionality that savvy analytics professionals will turn into an arsenal for hyper-efficient business operations. This includes prescriptive, guiding interfaces; insight distribution with versatility and horsepower; and finally, predictive analytics that span channels and departments.

Cost: $$$-$$$$. 

Best for: Experienced, resource-backed, enterprise-grade analytics and operations teams.

#13. Looker. Connective web for all your data sources and platforms.             

If you’re using a disparate array of platforms to store key performance data, Looker is here to bring order to the chaos. Want to see the big picture insights from Oracle, Intercom, Google Analytics, and Salesforce all in one place? Looker was born to make that happen, enabling you to drill down and see key trends in sales, marketing, and customer success.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

Best for: Mid-Market and enterprise companies with disconnected data systems.

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#14. Chartio. More actionable and democratized business intelligence.

A sleek, streamlined business intelligence platform, Chartio has quickly established itself as a leader amongst the emerging crop of agile platforms predicated on taking massive swaths of disparate, disconnected data and fusing them into simplified, actionable business analytics. This business intelligence tool is a savior for teams that are swimming in data and technology, but need more immediate insights and clear directives.

Cost: $$-$$$. 

Best for: Operations leaders that need to reduce lag time, broaden relevance, and increase synchronization across business intelligence tools.


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