Transparency Will Set You Free

Lead confidently with critical, real-time insights into individual and team performance.
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Ambition Dashboards

Transparency Accountability
Flexibility To Fit Your Organization

Create dashboards for employees, teams, offices, departments, or even your entire organization. Set clear expectations and your people will deliver.

Data Freedom With A Single Pane Of Glass

Stop spreadsheeting and start coaching. Tired of switching from one system's report to another, exporting and aggregating by hand? With Ambition all of your employee activity and expectations are unified into a single, cohesive view.

Proactive Sales Management

Course correct areas of concern before they become problems. Coach reps on lagging activities or slow progress towards goals, keeping your team happy and on track to exceed numbers.

Sales Process Accountability Starts Now

Drive adoption of key sales motions and metrics with clear progress visibility. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Go one step further with transparent accountability.