Ignite the Competitive Spirit

Get the most out of your incentives and contests with a powerful contest engine. With enterprise-grade gamification, you can engage your entire sales organization.
Talk to Sales

Ambition Gamification

Running Challenges Shouldn't be Challenging

Stop tasking sales ops with running sales contests. In a few clicks, even non-technical managers can spin up custom challenges for reps or teams.

Fantasy Football Meets Sales Challenges

There’s a reason your people can tell you the stats of any slot wide receiver – Fantasy Football is fun! Leverage the Fantasy phenomenon to close deals and hit numbers.

Go Head-to-Head With Your Number

A combination of strategic sales contests and incentives puts you in a position to drive exactly the behaviors you need to move the needle on revenue attainment.

Drive Energy With Real Engagement

Sales reps are competitive at heart. Real-time, live contest scoring and projections give team members clear visibility into standings... and what they need to do to win.

"If I'm looking for productivity gains, I'll throw out a competition. You say go and everybody takes off. It's so badass."

Ryan McCann, Senior Director of Sales, FileMaker