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Integrate your RingDNA Dialer with Ambition

Ring DNA is a common salesforce power dialer. Sales teams typically integrate RingDNA with Ambition through Salesforce task records coming into Ambition. RingDNA is the technology piece that makes dialing at scale possible, but integrating it into Ambition is what allows sales leaders to motivate sales teams to do more, to track and coach when the KPIs aren't positive, and to create a culture built on productivity, efficiency and performance. 

Examples of how to gamify and coach around RingDNA data

  • Create scorecards for reps so they are directed to hit "100" for the day
    • set outbound dial bench marks, talk time bench marks, email targets and more. Weight them based on importance. The dialer data automatically updates the score cards dynamically and you have visibility into any reps' score at any time in the day. 
  • Create leaderboards for talk time or connects
    • Broadcast leaderboards in Slack or on sales TVs to showcase rank based on call KPIs. The leaderboards update in real-time as your team is working. 
  • Use issue detection or celebration alerts to know when reps are behind on activity
    • Create alerts for reps who have fewer than 10 dials by 10am. Receive them privately via email
    • Create celebration alerts when a rep hits "100" for the day or hits 60 dials. Receive these publicly on sales floor TVs, in Slack, on public email aliases, etc 

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