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When we first launched Ambition almost six (?!?) years ago, the ability to measure multiple key metrics was always a non-negotiable for our product. 

We prioritized launching with Scorecards — and highlighting them on user dashboards and TV leaderboards — because even in defined roles, sales reps succeed by effectively performing across a variety of KPIs. Not simply closed won revenue or deals won. 

We learned from our customers that we can create powerful sales coaching opportunity when we provide holistic sales performance analytics, which we deliver by allowing sales leaders to assign a "weight" (or importance) to each metric and the KPI target. 

I'm proud of our team and the innovation we created around Ambition's Activity and Objective scores — which took the classic sales scorecard concept, combined it with metric weights, and added the additional impact of separating day-to-day activity from performance on longer-term business objectives. 

Free Sales Scorecard Templates

Today, I'm proud of another addition we're making to the Sales Scorecard concept (and especially proud because it's available to everyone, right now, for free  — whether you're an Ambition customer or not).

We're officially launching Sales Scorecard Templates, sourced from our community of sales leaders. 

Why, you ask?

The answer is simple: A lot of people want to use Sales Scorecards. But a lot of people don't know what to metrics / targets to use! 

Every month, our Customer Success and Client Services team spends time with passionate sales leaders who are building special sales cultures. And every month, we hear the same question:

  • What metrics are other sales leaders using in their scorecards?

We're fortunate to have a community that includes multiple Fortune 500s, many of Forbes "100 Best Companies to Work For," and some of the fastest-growing venture-backed companies in the world. 

So when we say we have a community of experts using Ambition, we really mean it! 

Today we want to share that expertise with you, and help you build one of the Best Sales Teams to Work For. 

Download your free sales scorecard template for any rep or role!

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