For sales managers who have steep quotas to hit, mountains of metrics, and very limited time, we’ve streamlined the latest data, best practices and tools to help you create a modern sales management framework for high-growth sales managers looking to win.

Work Backwards from Revenue Targets to Set Benchmarks

If you need to close 100 deals this month, do you know what your team typically converts at to know exactly how many calls, demos, or opportunities you need? Working backwards from revenue or closed deal targets to benchmarks like meetings set is the real way to accurately forecast and you can drill down to know by the hour how many calls your reps need to make. We have a free calculator to help you do just that

Manage activity and objectives 

By creating between 3-5 key daily activity metrics and 3-5 objectives, you'll be "that manager" who teaches your reps to do the things that matter every single day to allow you to hit the quotas, goals and results. Without giving your team a proper framework to hit revenue goals, you're setting them up to fail. 

  • Measure your reps with the right daily scorecards and have them strive to hit 100%.
  • Measure your managers with the number of coaching activities they do daily and the average percentage of total activity their reps hit. If their reps are supposed to hit a team total of 500 calls for the day, the manager should make sure that 500 is hit. If someone is low by noon, they can use triggers to know that and make sure that rep steps it up! 

Make everything super visible 

When your reps can see not only their own numbers, but their teammates' as well, big things happen. Last place aversion is real, and putting everything out there for everyone to see inherently drives people to strive for growth. But not all leaderboards are created equal! Take visibility and motivation to the next level by knowing when to showcase percent-to-target boards, or most improved leaderboards, See just how to use the right kinds of leaderboards at the right time.

Automate risk metrics to mitigate before you get off pace

When you're short on time and need to hit lofty goals, using automated and alerts is clutch. By noon, know who is behind on calls (intervene! coach!), and who is crushing deals (go high five them!) so that you're making the most of your limited time and catching up with reps when they need. Triggers to email or Slack are just the way to make this happen. Celebrate your big wins in Slack so your team is recognized, but keep your alerts private in your email. If someone hasn’t made 10 calls by 10 a.m., you should know about it every day by 10 a.m.! 

Celebrate and create a culture of winning

Gamification is more than a buzzword or trend. It's a way to celebrate your sales team, make their job (and yours!) more fun, and actually lead to more closed deals. When anthems and gifs are firing, deals are closing, and your reps are literally winning competitions, everyone will want you as their sales manager! 



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