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"It was too difficult to standardize anything."

Last year, Allegis had a seemingly simple goal: create a competition to drive productivity and attainment. The idea was to create a World Cup-style challenge.

But Melanie Erskine-Scott, Director of Operations Technology for Allegis Group in EMEA, quickly discovered that a regional competition was easier said than done, for two primary reasons:

  • With 16 offices spanning multiple times zones and different work week structures (for example, Dubai’s weekend is Friday/Saturday), setting up a competition was a major technical challenge.
  • Allegis Group wanted multiple teams to participate in the competition, but metric targets were incredibly varied depending on role or team. Some employees might be working toward a particular number of calls made or meetings set; for others, goals were oriented around number of placements or Sales made.


Introducing: The 100-Point Work Week

Melanie and her team at Allegis chose to implement Ambition to realize their pie-in-the-sky vision for standardization. They worked with our team to build a competition leveraging a “100-point work week.” Employees were awarded points for completing designated activities that tied to their individual goals — and while those activities varied based on role and team type, every person was working to meet or exceed a 100-point total by the end of the week.


Bigger, better wins

Using Ambition, Allegis Group saw a 12% increase in deals closed for Permanent positions and a 20% increase in deals closed for Contract positions, as well as a significant increase in Salesforce Lightning adoption across all participating offices. Following the success of their World Cup competition, Allegis Group EMEA continued to run month-long micro-competitions across smaller teams that drove more specific activities and behaviors.

"Everyone loved how easy it was to see how they were progressing in the week. Leaders could look at it and within 5 to 10 seconds, they knew if they were having a good week or not — and they could course correct from there.” Melanie Scott-Erskine, Director of Operations Technology, Allegis Group

To get the whole story — and learn exactly how Allegis structured their World Cup competition, download the full case study here!


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