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6 Exciting Updates To Our Sales Coaching Platform


6 Exciting Updates To Our Sales Coaching Platform

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6 Exciting Updates To Our Sales Coaching Platform

Today, over 2,000 managers coach their teams to improved performance with Ambition, and it's becoming increasingly clear is that sales coaching is the key differentiator between average sales teams and elite ones. 

In our commitment to being the leader in sales coaching and performance management, we're bringing our coaching feature set more front and center in our product experience and enhancing the functionality to be more flexible than ever. 


Here's a first look at the phase of our brand new coaching updates (with even more to be released in the coming weeks)!

1. Upload attachments 

  • Upload call files for call coaching
  • PDF upload

2. Send calendar invites and reminders

  • No need to toggle across multiple systems to add coaching to calendar

  • If your rep hasn’t completed a check-in an hour before your scheduled session, they’ll get a reminder

3. Polls to collect feedback

  • Poll with rank-style questions

  • Easily aggregate consensus

4. Assign goals in line

5. One-off coaching sessions

  • Whether you're building out recurring programs for all of your reps or just want to coach in one-off interventions, Ambition has the flexibility to cover all use cases.

6. Improved Admin view

  • Access historical notes, files, goals, and rep performance in one place to make the most of your coaching time

  • No need to store files and data in separate systems

  • All the metrics are synced from your CRM so they are automated

Whether you're a manager just beginning your coaching initiatives or already have a robust program living in spreadsheets and various platforms, we're here to help you become even more efficient — delivering measurable results for your org!

Ready to take your sales team to the next level with next level coaching? Learn more about Ambition’s all-in-one solution! 

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