Sales Goals Deserve a Home

Say goodbye to tracking sales targets in spreadsheets with automated goal and progress visualization. Say hello to better attainment.
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Ambition Goals

Transparency Accountability
More Visibility = More Success

Visible goals are reached 20% more often. With Ambition, it's easy to build and broadcast publicly to rally the troops and hit your targets.

Align Employee, Team, and Company Targets

Measure progress for individuals, groups, and your entire organization. Use metric targets or deliverable milestones. Alignment starts now.

Stay Focused On Numbers That Matter

Out of sight can mean out of mind. Keep your team on track to hit the numbers that matter most, with clear expectations and public accountability on individual and team KPIs.

Roll Up, Drill Down

Get visibility into progress against goals, up and down the organization. With alignment around goals, each employee understands how their activities contribute to the big picture.