Workflows are a key piece of the magic that Ambition’s product brings to your sales team. Whether it’s the Rocky anthem that sounds off when you close a huge deal or the Michael Scott gif that shows up in Slack for a renewed customer, our workflows are helping to drive visibility to metrics, accountability to goals, and recognition for big wins. We automate the communication of things that are most notable in your sales org.   

It can be tricky to know exactly what workflows to create and at what cadence, so I’ve outlined below the top 10 Ambition workflows that your organization should be deploying right now. 

10 Ambition Workflows

  • Closed Won Revenue: The most popular use of Ambition’s workflows are to celebrate closed won deals. It makes sense. What is more notable than cash coming in the door? We often see this workflow being pushed to a TV, for those in office, to a Slack or Teams channel that notifies the full sales team, and also an email notification directly to senior leaders like the CRO, who might not be religiously checking Slack.
  • Pipeline Wins: While it isn't closed-won dollars, the effort and activity that goes into building pipeline is one of the most important things you can recognize and incentivize. When a demo gets set, holds, or hits pipeline, you can shout out the sales rep(s) behind it and include details on the deal so that everyone is in the loop with what is coming into the pipeline.
  • Streaks: HE’S ON FIRE! You might remember NBA Jam, or you might not, but incentivizing streaks can be a game changer towards hitting big goals. Our SDR team at Ambition has a quota of booking one new prospect meeting per day. But after they set their second meeting of the day, an Ambition workflow fires to our Slack channel notifying the full team of the accomplishment, including a challenge to set a third. We put a cash prize in place if the SDR is able to set four meetings in one day, so another notification fires after their third, and eventually crowns them as a streak pot winner upon setting that fourth. Prior to creating this workflow, we’d only had four meetings set in a day by a single rep twice. EVER. After setting up the “streak pot” workflow, we averaged this happening once per week! Talk about results.
  • Customer Renewals/Expansion: Securing the money you already have and increasing your wallet-share with a customer are among the most important things for a revenue org. Therefore, every time a customer renews or expands, it should be celebrated. (If you have thousands of customers, you may only choose to celebrate those which are over a certain dollar amount.) There are normally many individuals involved with the renewal or expansion of a customer, so Ambition allows you to include in that notification a shout out for all of the parties involved (CSM, AM, AE, Product, etc).
  • President’s Club/Promotions: Your top AE just surpassed $1M in closed revenue! Your SDR just got promoted from level 1 to level 2! Your team just hit a stretch goal that qualies everyone for a company trip! You can shout it out with Ambition workflows. 
  • Scheduled Activity Leaderboard: Accountability and encouragement are two bedrocks of any successful sales organization. A daily activity leaderboard will help reinforce one or the other with each of your sellers. At Ambition, we have a daily activity leaderboard that fires to our Slack channel at both 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • 10 By 10: If you are managing a role where daily activity is closely monitored, setting up a 10 By 10 notification is highly suggested. It is leaderboard with a target of 10 calls by 10 a.m. Here at Ambition we noticed that if a seller has not made 10 calls already by 10 a.m., they would not be on track to hit their daily targets. This notification will help jumpstart your team early in the day and keep everyone on track for a successful day.
  • "Naughty List": Ambition workflows are most commonly used for the celebration of wins. But they can also be used to notify leaders of reps who are not on track towards their targets. I used to have a private leaderboard sent to my email at the end of each week with a list of the bottom 5 performers on our team. That would help prepare me for who needed additional coaching in the upcoming week.
  • Onboarding Milestones: Being a new hire can be tough. Trying to quickly get up to speed on a new product and process can be stressful, so it’s important to find ways to recognize/motivate employees as they are onboarding. We always shout out the first meeting a seller has booked at the company, when they hit their ramped quota, and when they “graduate” their onboarding certifications.
  • Performance Plans: If I have a seller that is on a performance plan, as a leader, I am daily focused on their level of effort and the outcomes they are achieving. So instead of having to pull up their numbers multiple times per day, I have them scheduled to send to me and the rep. It’s important that we are very transparent about performance while on a plan, so Ambition workflows help bring that level of clarity for rep and manager.
  • The Executive Update: Your CRO may not have time to get involved in every deal or keep track of every KPI, but they will have time to quickly review some key updates sent to them by Ambition every Sunday evening as they prep for the upcoming week. Maybe it's pipeline created stats from last week, win rates, or dollars closed. Any metric you have pulling into Ambition, you can utilize in workflows. 

If you’re a revenue leader, request a demo and let's talk more about how performance management and gamification strategies can work in your favor in 2024.

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