Today, we're announcing our new integration with Seismic. For companies who prioritize enablement, the ability to track LiveSends and LiveDocs or assign and debrief Lessonly lessons right where coaching happens, in Ambition, encourages results across every role in the sales org.

“Expanding sales readiness solutions to provide in-the-moment support” is what Forrester recommends companies do in 2023 to navigate the turbulent economic times. Fortune 500 executives, like XX at Talroo, agree.

“The only way to effectively carry out revenue priorities is to leverage tools that reinforce strategy,” XX said. “Embedding Lessonly lessons, for example, into Ambition coaching facilitates manager and rep development that is critical to success.”

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Within Ambition Coaching Orchestration™, revenue and enablement leaders can bring Lessonly by Seismic into their recurring 1:1 and team check-ins, templates, programs, and action plans. This coaching innovation builds on the existing partnership that already allows users to incorporate Seismic LiveSends and LiveDocs into Ambition performance intelligence. 

“For messaging and positioning changes, new discovery processes, or updated pricing and packaging initiatives, this new integration will be a game-changer,” Jared Houghton, CRO at Ambition, said. “The best coaches in the industry embed learning into their existing coaching culture and their numbers are sure to reflect that.”

>> Download this manager <> rep 1:1 check-in template to put strategy into action 

In SoftwareReview’s Sales Coaching Emotional Footprint Report, published earlier this month, customers said that both Ambition and Seismic “enable productivity” and “enhance performance.” Both software solutions were awarded top-rated, industry-leader accolades, making this announcement special for sales teams across the globe who are users of either or both tools.

If you are interested in the integration, or seeing Ambition and Seismic in action, click here.

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