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How PosiGen Empowers Reps to Shatter the Ceiling of Success and Be Greater with Ambition

How PosiGen Empowers Reps to Shatter the Ceiling of Success and Be Greater with Ambition

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How PosiGen Empowers Reps to Shatter the Ceiling of Success and Be Greater with Ambition

Greatness isn’t defined by checking off the last task on your to-do list. It’s defined by what you do after you complete that last task. Do you take off your headset, close your computer, and pat yourself on the back? Or do you use that sense of pride and accomplishment as fuel to go one step further, make one more call, or get started on tomorrow’s list? 

At PosiGen, a solar roofing and energy efficiency installation provider, Training Manager Lindsey Albro Dussouy tells her new hires from day one, “Don’t settle to be basic. Settle to be great.” And there’s no one better to define greatness for trainees than Lindsey. As a former PosiGen sales rep, she understands what it takes to excel in the role, and Ambition has been an integral part of her success since 2019. 

“I loved Ambition as a sales rep, and I love it as a manager,” Lindsey said. “Because of Ambition, I wouldn’t close my computer unless I was number one in a category every day.” Real-time visibility into her own performance data, as well as that of her peers, was a huge motivator for Lindsey during her time as a sales rep. Ambition empowered her with a clear understanding of how many activities she needed to reach the top of the leaderboard or how many calls she needed to make a sale. That data transparency shattered the illusion that there was some secret to success. There’s a prescriptive formula, and it’s all but laid out for you within the platform. 

This is why Lindsey teaches reps how to use Ambition during their initial training. “I train all of our new hires with the understanding that they sky’s the limit with Ambition,” she said. She uses scorecards to help her new hires visualize their progress and understand which activities pace them to hitting their goal of 100. But activity completion is a given; you don’t get closed deals or signed contracts without it. It’s visibility into everyone’s numbers that truly increases the threshold for success.

While Lindsey defines greatness for new reps, Gavin Polizzo, EVP of Sales and Marketing, helps them execute it. Gavin, who is also an avid Ambition user, references previous rep activity scores to hold reps accountable, spot coaching opportunities, and help reps build upon their progress. “We use Ambition as a learning tool and accountability tool, but also a visual to show reps, you can keep going—there is no ceiling on this,” said Gavin. 

Gavin oversees 250+ inside and outside field sales reps spread out across 7 different states, which means access to real-time and historical performance data is especially meaningful. Regardless of their team or location, reps can become team players, learn from each other, and engage in friendly competition through Ambition.

“If you want to be successful at PosiGen and you want to sell a lot,” Lindsey tells her new hires,  “you need to make sure your name’s always at the top in Ambition.” So what happens when everyone competes to be number one on the leaderboard? You end up with a field rep who has knocked on 11K+ doors YTD, and you double your number of approved contracts from the previous year. You set records, break through the ceiling of success, and set your sights on even bigger goals. 

PosiGen is on track to achieve 80% revenue growth YoY. Just over halfway through 2022, they have already outsold their revenue per year from the last five years. With spirited and engaged leaders like Lindsey and Gavin at the helm, it’s easy to understand why. 

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Don’t miss this All-Star customer story! Watch the on-demand video above.

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