Amplify Every Win, Represent Your Organization, and Show Pride for Your Work with Our Latest Release

Let’s be honest: Working in sales is a grind. It’s the one job where you lose more than you win, so you have to make every win count. In reality, you’re not closing 6-figure deals every single day—but you are completing the activities and objectives that will help you achieve that goal. You keep picking up the phone, even after facing rejection. Maybe those daily tasks don’t feel significant in the moment, but deals don’t close themselves, and they don’t happen overnight. They take persistence and perseverance on a daily basis. Aren't those things worth celebrating, too? 

A key factor to staying motivated towards a goal is making and acknowledging progress, even if it’s gradual. Keeping track of daily, weekly, and monthly activities helps you quantify and reflect on what you’ve already accomplished. But when you share that progress with other people, something bigger happens—you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in your work while inviting others to hold you accountable, cheer you on, and help sustain the momentum you need to keep moving forward. Celebrating each small win along the way reminds people why they do what they do and that their contributions have an impact.

Accolades in Ambition are a tangible way to reward progress and achievements every step of the way. Sharing accolades on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and email allows you to celebrate each win with a wider network. That functionality isn’t new, but we’ve redesigned the look of the shared accolades post to include your company’s logo (and it looks awesome, if we do say so ourselves). When you showcase your progress and achievements with others, you rally, encourage, and unify your colleagues in a work-from-anywhere world. Having those accomplishments on display also shows potential buyers that you’re passionate about your work and may even entice them to take the next step. 

When you create a culture of encouragement and recognition that celebrates each accomplishment, you ignite productivity, inspire better performance, and build a team of people who feel driven to succeed, one win at a time. 

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