As a sales leader in a remote world, keeping your team aligned, connected, and motivated can be a challenge. You need creative ways to keep your reps engaged and tracking towards goals. One of the best ways to encourage performance and celebrate accomplishments is through accolades—awards you give to your team members when they hit the metrics you’ve defined. 

Each member of your sales team plays a critical role in helping your organization drive revenue. Accolades affirm their individual value and reinforce the importance of daily, weekly, or monthly activities. Linking awards with key behaviors that drive pipeline growth will inherently motivate your team to keep applying those skills, resulting in long-term gains. 

Whether you’re creating accolades for the first time or looking for new ideas, here are some examples Ambition customers use to keep their people energized and encouraged. We hope these suggestions inspire fresh ideas for how you can recognize success for everyone on your team. 

Accolade that Incentivize Closings

  • Big Deal Accolade
    Did someone hit a company record or certain threshold?  
  • Yearly or monthly deal record
    Awarded to the rep who generated the highest-value deal within a given month or year
  • Yearly or monthly number of deals record
    Award the person who set a new record for the number of deals closed within a year or month 
  • Closing first deal
    An obvious cause for celebration that keeps new reps inspired and motivated
  • Comma Club
    Total revenue in a given month/quarter/year (6 figures, 7 figures, etc.) 

Accolades for SDRs and BDRs

  • Leads generated
  • Inbound converts
  • Outbound converts
  • Most meetings set in a month
  • Most meetings set in a day
  • First 100 dials
  • First SQL or meeting booked
  • Joined ::SDR/BDR:: team

Accolades that Encourage Activity Completion

  • Hitting 200 on activity score
  • Making 120 calls in a day
  • Sending 300 emails in a day
  • Triathlon
    Hitting a set threshold of calls, cadence steps, and meetings set in a day
  • Hall of Fame or Best email response
  • Hall of Shame or Worst email response
  • Best cold call
    Great cold call that demonstrates skill in handling objections, etc.
  • Room to improve
    Worst cold call that shows areas for growth and improvement

Accolades that Celebrate Cultural Contributions

  • Hustle award
  • Grit award
  • Competitor steal award
  • Dependable teammate 
  • Accolade that aligns with mission statement
  • SDR of the Month
  • President’s Club
    Must meet metric-driven “Qualifiers” i.e. annual revenue minimum to qualify, meetings set minimum to qualify, etc.

At the end of the day, your reps are people. They want to be seen and appreciated for the work they do every day. This is the key to maintaining motivation, fostering meaningful connections within your team, and ultimately improving sales performance. Want to learn more about accolades and gain insight on how you can keep your team encouraged? Check out our Encouragement toolset.

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