Ambition adds dynamic Metric Snapshots to our industry leading Sales Coaching and Sales Performance Management platform. 

We’ve enhanced our best-in-class sales coaching check-ins by intelligently displaying Opportunity info or other records, directly from Salesforce. Pipeline Management, Rep Forecasts, and evaluating Sales Development performance has never been easier. 

Ambition’s Sales Coaching functionality is a must-have for any sales team serious about maximizing pipeline, confident sales forecasts, and consistently exceeding quota. 

Sales Enablement leaders can now optimize manager 1:1s for their time crunched sales leaders: Ambition’s intelligent Metric Snapshot functionality allows Ambition to dynamically populate CRM or Salesforce records and data into ad hoc or scheduled one-on-one Check-Ins or Pipeline Reviews. 

A Metric Snapshot from a real life Pipeline Review

So what are Metric Snapshots in Ambition? 

Great manager one-on-ones or pipeline reviews feature data. A challenge we hear often is that before a check-in with a sales rep, a manager may have to open 3-5 tabs, or download a few custom reports to excel. 

The reason is simple: the best sales coaching is data driven. To run a high impact pipeline review or check-in, you have to have data on how the rep is performing to goals and objectives, and context to the specific deals that are moving, new opportunities that have been created, or even initial meetings that are just starting. 

How Smart are Ambition's Metric Snapshots?

Very Smart

Think of any type of Salesforce records you could want to filter for discussion… 

If you can make an Ambition metric (which is about the most flexible sales reporting machine for real business users), you can create a Metric Snapshot. 

For example, as a manager I may want to see:  

For Pipeline Reviews - all the new Opportunities with dollar values over $50,000 that have been Created This Month

For Sales Rep Forecasts - all of the Opportunities in Pipeline Stage “Commit” that are scheduled to Close This Quarter

For Managing Sales Development Reps Effectiveness - all of the Calls Connected that were Qualified This Week

For Managing your team’s Outbound Quality - all of the New Meetings Scheduled This Week

Now, take a step back and imagine all of the records resulting from those filters are dynamically populated, *in-line*, with the other key questions you ask your reps in your 1:1s or reviews. 

Before the meeting, the rep can see each of those tables and add comments, context, and info before the session even starts. 

You are prepared. They are prepared. 

“Ok wow, I didn't expect too much from a test, but this is already saving me so much time before the meeting even starts. I actually laughed when I thought how much time this took before.”
real life beta tester at a Fortune 500 sales team (a company who's legal compliance team won't let us reference their name or likeness publicly, yet

She is right.  

You will have more informed, data-driven, and most importantly, ACTIONABLE 1:1 meetings with your reps. 

How hard is it to add Metric Snapshots to Ambition Coaching sessions?

Its not only easy, but all of Sales Coaching is easier and more intuitive than ever. 

Read about how you can easily add Metric Snapshots to your recurring Coaching Programs or to an on-the-fly sales rep 1:1 today, >>> RIGHT HERE <<<. 

More to come SOON! 
- Brian

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