Ambition is a G2 leader across 3 Categories: Sales Gamification, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching-- spanning 3 Customer Segments: Enterprise, MidMarket, SMB

g2 badges

Here we are sprinting through the first 90 days of 2021!

I’m thrilled to share our latest rankings and accolades from our friends at G2! G2 is the definitive leader in software review and provider of clear vendor rankings across a myriad of sales, marketing, and enterprise technology categories. 

It may sound like we have an echo - but I promise - nothing is broken!

Once again, for consecutive quarters, Ambition ranks as the stand alone #1 Leader in Sales Gamification software, in addition to ranking Top 5 for Sales Performance Management and Top 10 for Sales Coaching software.

Beyond my continued gratitude for our customers - whose reviews G2 relies on - I’m so thrilled for our team and the demonstrable impact they are having on sellers, revenue leaders, and revenue teams.  

To that end, Ambition continues to rapidly invest in extending and strengthening the value centers in our product, specifically by aggressively bringing on new talent to our team to serve our customers. 

The sales enablement market is growing at break-neck speed, while also evolving simultaneously. 

As always, we believe deeply in delivering a robust Sales Management Platform that serves the needs of revenue teams facing the challenges of today and the revenue organization of the future. 

Revenue leaders of tomorrow must be able to assess and visualize progress and performance today, as well as forecast trends and manage future performance. Insights must be be delivered intelligently to the right person, at the right time, in the right place where they can be utilized. And most importantly - insights must be transformed into action. 

By allowing revenue leaders to take action, we enable them to effect the outcomes that matter most. 

I do want to highlight a few additional accolades that the G2 community has bestowed upon Ambition. 

In addition to being named a Leader across Sales Coaching, Sales Gamification, and Sales Performance Management, I personally love the following ‘badges’ we’ve earned:

  • “Users Love Us” - (what matters more, right?)

  • Momentum Leader (both in SPM and Gamification) 

  • Best Estimated ROI, Best Results, and Best Usability (easier said than done) 

  • Highest User Adoption (critical for any major investment) 

And a personal point of pride: 

  • Best Relationship (cue the “I’m not crying” gifs)

For our customers, Ambition is not and cannot simply be another software vendor. 

We’re building a Sales Management Platform that creates a robust system of accountability, an ecosystem of encouragement, and actionable insights that affect outcomes. 

Our dynamic sales orgs rarely have a similar system in place - or at best have many systems, loosely cobbled together. 

They have a lot of questions - and not as many answers - about how to maximize employee performance, develop and retain employees, and consistently acheive sales targets

Our enterprise, growth, and Fortune 500 customers need a willing partner. And Ambition, as evidenced by our award for Best Relationship, is willing, prepared, and energized to work closely with our customers, hand-in-hand to forge into the future of maximizing sales effectiveness and employee experience. 

Once again, thank you all and the G2 community for the *25* new G2 Badges Ambition has received. 


We look forward to serving you!  


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