Ambition’s “ecosystem of encouragement” continues to expand today as we launch additional capabilities into Ambition’s Slack integration. Send live sales contest standings to Slack, in addition to custom sales leaderboards, and real-time recognition like exceeding KPI milestones or achieving a major win. 

Today we’re excited to announce another major addition to Ambition’s rapidly expanding Slack integration: you can share live Challenge standings with our /competition command


Over the past 10+ months, remote sales management and metrics based coaching have become two critical challenges sales leaders had to solve, ASAP. 

Which is why Ambition is shipping new functionality continually to deliver the command center for the modern sales leader: both in our own platform, in addition to wherever you spend your time, such as Slack, Salesforce or in your inbox.

As we’ve been discussing with sales leaders recently; Home is your new HQ. 

Unfortunately - as every sales manager has lamented - your living room or kitchen island just doesn't create the same energy as your sales floor did. 

So Ambition is bringing that energy and that buzz straight into Slack. 


At Ambition, we’re proud to be the enterprise leader in Sales Gamification - and we believe that by strengthening our integration into Slack - we’re able to reach even more world class sales teams directly and increase performance with our robust, proprietary competition engine.

For our teams and many of our customers, Slack is now the de facto town hall where key updates and major milestones are shared, celebrated, and discussed in real-time. 

And as we’ve preached for years with Ambition, if you’re not sharing real-time contest results and standings - why are you even running a sales competition?!?

But who wants to manually type contest results or share that they’ve set up a great new opportunity? That’s lame. 🤡

Don’t worry. Every sales leader knows the best sales competitions combine two things: engaged reps going above and beyond the norm and metrics that are aligned to the ultimate goal(s). 

By bringing live sales contest updates into your company or team-specific Slack channels with Ambition’s new /competition Slack command, you can generate the energy and engagement your team needs, wherever your team is working from (including on mobile)!

So check out our latest release and start sending live sales contest standings to your favorite Slack channels to run more effective incentives and keep your remote sellers engaged. 

And don’t forget - Ambition is powering more than just sharp Sales Leaderboards or custom Sales Contests in Slack - we also power real-time Workflow triggers to highlight key rep wins or major milestones *live*

Want to see any time a seller closes a big deal?

closed won alert

Feel like a virtual high-five when a rep exceeds their outbound call target for the day? 

calls alert

Need to create an environment where folks celebrate each others wins and and build a culture of recognition? 

poker leaderboard in slack

Want to sync your coaching notes in the moment to make your 1:1 sessions more productive?

Ambition Coaching Note Slack Command Gif

Ready to create a culture of transparency and accountability that centers on scorecards and data?

activity leaders

We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re managing your sales team between spelling practice with your kids or checking in while on a power-walk escaping your house, Ambition delivers the insights and the ROI wherever you’re working from. 

And last but not least, we’re not done here. Stay tuned as there a more exciting updates coming from the Ambition team to drive sales productivity and world class sales coaching with Slack. 

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