Create an Ecosystem of Accountability and Encouragement for Your Remote Revenue Teams

See how real-time sales coaching and gamification make remote teams stronger.
Coaching. Gamification. Performance.

How Ambition helps revenue teams increase performance, boost morale, and create accountability.

  • Managing Remote Sales Reps is Hard: Keep your team accountable with real-time and scheduled insight triggers.
  • Culture is Still Key: Recognize and celebrate wins live, key milestones, or KPI achievements.
  • Stop “Coaching” from 3, 4, or 5 Disconnected Tools: Ambition brings all the important rep data and historical info into a single source of truth and easy workflow.
  • Stop Wondering if Your Team is on Target: custom KPI Scorecards, team and individual Goals, and predictive metric forecasting give your managers the pulse of their team.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly scorecards show attainment for activity and objectives keeping productivity and performance in front of everyone at all times.
  • Create transparency across your remote org with dashboards, leaderboards, and real-time performance alerts that power both celebration and issue detection.
  • Coach remotely with in-line data attribution. Attach calls or deals and automate task followup to ensure action plan accountability.
  • Award badges and accolades to motivate employees to best themselves and others in a spirit of friendly competition.
Ambition and SFDC visual

Ambition works wherever you do.

  • Access Ambition inside the Ambition platform, or right inside your CRM
  • Receive alerts in Slack, email, or your browser to stay in the loop for celebratory moments as well as triggered warnings when pace is behind for a rep or team.
  • Shareable links aggregate all your most imoprtant leaderboards, goal progress, and performance data so every exec sees real-time, up-to-date data.
  • Add coaching notes to reps' coaching timelines and programs right from Slack.

Home is the new HQ.

  • Create friendly competition that drives performance.
  • Foster comradery and encouragement amongst a dispersed team.
  • Encouragement. Accountability. Ambition.
Ambition with mobile slack integration