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6 Halloween Sales Contest Ideas + free, downloadable contest templates

6 Halloween Sales Contest Ideas + free, downloadable contest templates

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6 Halloween Sales Contest Ideas + free, downloadable contest templates

Halloween Sales Contest Ideas, Examples and Templates

Here are six fun Halloween contest ideas and remote friendly prize ideas to help your team have a *monster* Q4. You can run just one, or be bold and run multiple contests simultaneously! In Ambition, this is all calculated automatically for you the standings up to date in real-time. If you're not an Ambition user (yet!) you can also run these manually in a spreadsheet. 


This one is all about getting meetings with clients who currently use a competitor. Savage? Maybe. Smart? Absolutely. If you can get meetings with accounts that currently use a competitor and show them why your product is better, how easy it is to switch, and maybe even offer a buyout, you could become your competitor's nightmare. It helps your team learn how to better sell competitively and targets a buyer that is already sold on the concept of what you do. Even if you don't land the deal right away, you may gather intel for your CRM about when their contract is up, and what functionality / features the customer believes the competitor does better. 

The setup: Can be run with reps competing individually against each other or in teams of 2 for quarter- long contest. Points are accrued for every meeting booked with a client that is under contract with a competitor. Run it October - December and become your competitor's nightmare before Christmas.

The Prize: Cold hard cash is a great Q4 prize incentive, because a lot of people look to spend more disposable income this time of year, and if you award the top finishing duo only, it can be affordable. But, something like this coco-baking experience is relevant to the holidays and can be conducted remotely!




As marketing and sales become more aligned, the lines are blurring for inbound and outbound SDRs and who they work with most. While about 60% of SDR reps do roll up to sales, a decent remaining portion report to marketing. Some are split with outbound reporting to sales and inbound reps reporting to marketing. Whether your inbound and outbound reps are on the same team or different, this is an inbound vs outbound pipeline creation contest!  

The setup: This is a team vs team, month-long contest. The team generating the most qualified pipeline dollars at the end wins.

Prize: Host a Murder Mystery experience  or  an online tarot reading


In this one, the reps are kept in the dark about what they're competing on. They don't know the metric or weight they are being scored on other than it is something they are regularly scored on as a part of their scorecard. It could be dials, connects, talk time, meetings set, new opportunities or more!  The benefit of doing a secret metric competition is that reps will focus on every single KPI in the score card which will deliver results in both activity and objectives. 

The setup: Managers select the metric (secretly) and tell the reps that at the end of the day, they'll drop a leaderboard in Slack or over email to show off the winner of the secret metric. Simply pick one of the scorecard metrics, or the full scorecard activity or objective score and keep your eye on the leaderboard!

Prize: Keep the "in the dark" theme going with a fun contest incentive. Top 3 reps get to play "deal or no deal" style prize selection on a team zoom call. The manager has 10 total envelopes filled with prizes that can range from low value to high value. The first place rep chooses their envelope first, then the second place rep chooses, then finally the 3rd place rep chooses. The manager opens one from the pile of 7 remaining envelopes, and let's each rep decide if they want to blindly trade in their envelope for the one that is revealed or press on to the next reveal. They may choose to trade in or stick with their very own to the end to see what they get. Hosting in front of the team on zoom makes it fun to cheer each other on and throw out advice. 


This is a contest idea that comes to us from our friends at MemoryBlue. The Assassins Contest gets everyone competing against each other and themselves. This one is great for cross-team competitions (AE vs SDR is a good example!) Because the whole team is playing but goals are customized to each individual, the playing field is leveled and anyone who puts in the work can win. 

The setup: This one can run a few weeks or a month long. Assign assassins: Every SDR gets a “target” —  who they need to “eliminate." Every SDR is also targeted by somebody else! You don’t know who is targeting you. You only know who you are targeting. (Think Secret Santa, but...more competitive.) Set customized goals: At MemoryBlue, reps are all trying to hit 125% of their current goal. For example, if their current goal is 10 Meetings Set a week, then they'd need to book 13 meetings. But the goals are personalized to each rep. Get started: On Monday, every rep starts working toward their goal. They're competing in blind head-to-head competitions, and whoever gets to their individual goal the fastest is eliminated. Winners and losers: As soon as a rep hits their goal, they submit their score and find out if they were "first" or not. The following Monday, "obituaries" are shared for the people who lost. Note: if neither person hit their goal, no one is eliminated. And if there's a tie, no one is eliminated. New people are paired up every week regardless.The final round: When there are only two assassins left, they'll compete in a final round. Winner takes the grand prize!

The Prize: Let the winner choose a "drinks" experience they can share with a friend or significant other

Download the template for this game here!


This sales contest is a day long event that is comprised of a series of mini contest blitzes and goals held throughout the day on Halloween. You can choose a series of activity and objective metrics that offer a wide number of reps the chance to win and keeps the whole team engaged throughout the day. 

The setup: Every hour or every other hour a new mini contest starts. You can run the mini-contests in a day long contest based on meeting sets. 

9-10am: highest number of email opens
10-11am: call blitz winner
11-12: most LinkedIn connections or likes on a company post share
12-1: highest talk time
1-2: new leads converted
2-3: the first to have an opportunity qualify
4-5: most meeting sets (this is the full day challenge)

The prizes: Each challenge winner gets a "goodie bag" with candy, gift cards, swag and other items. The prize bag can be dropped on the rep's desk if your team is in office, the manager can drop it on a door step if the team is centrally located to a a region. Drive by deliveries from the manager dressed in a pizza delivery costume is a big hit, or gifts can be dropped in the mail for remote reps. 


This one runs throughout Q4 and stops right at Christmas Eve. For AEs it is run off of closed won revenue and for SDRs it is for pipeline generated. It can be conducted head-to-head with individual reps competing if your teams are small, but it works best creating teams of 2 and creating the pairing of a lower and high performer together. 

The setup: A quarter long competiton with the teams consisting of 2 reps per team. It is a fantasy setup in brackets with the teams battling against eachother to the end. 

Prize:  At this time, there is no Cameo for R.L. Stine available (I looked, and this would be a great prize), so something like this spooky storytime with Alice Cooper is a great option. Since the contest runs through the winter holidays as well, you could decide to do a winter themed prize in lieu of something spooky. 

Looking for even more sales contest ideas? Check out our full list of year round contest examples and inspiration

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