We’re thrilled to announce Ambition is once again rated by our Customers and by G2 as the stand alone leader in Sales Gamification! 



I’m incredibly honored to share with the sales enablement community G2 Crowd's updated ranking which really showcase Ambition as standing head-and-shoulders above the competing solutions. Let’s be honest, as a gamification company, we love to win. 

Most importantly, right now, in 2020 when the mass majority of our customers and users are working from home and adjusting to the “new normal”, I’m so proud of the impact we’re having and the value we’re delivering. There is a monumental shift in where work happens, how work gets done, and how companies organize and align their workforce. 

Delivering results (both productivity and effectiveness) has never been more important for enterprise sales leaders - and we’re seeing a ground swell in the numbers of organizations relying on data driven, actionable, and sustainable gamification to drive results for their teams. 

For sales teams, that means a radical transformation in the way you coach, motivate, recognize, and incentivize your employees. Ambition is at the heart of that change, delivering critical functionality and capabilities to our enterprise and growth customers around the world. 



When many sales leaders think of Gamification, they think of earning another life in Mario or getting to the top of the leaderboard TV on the office sales floor. But that isn’t the modern, sustainable Sales Gamification Ambition delivers. 

In 2020, effective gamification combines the data intelligence to spot performance leaders, but additionally highlight trends and insights into the future, so managers and leaders can course correct and take actionable steps to change their teams’ outcomes. We also provide the platform that powers that active course correction- scorecards, gamification, and coaching.

By partnering with many of the most forward thinking Fortune 500 sales organizations, Ambition is in driver’s seat to learn about the evolving challenges of managing and incentivizing more productive and more effective sales teams working remotely

I’m extremely proud of the effort our product, customer success, and solutions teams have put in to deliver results for and with our customers and to be recognized as clear category leader for Sales Gamification in 2020. 

Not to mention, G2 also is recognizing Ambition for our Momentum and Grid Leadership in both the Sales Performance Management and Sales Coaching software categories. 

The sales leaders of the future need full life cycle solutions to manage their people’s performance, and we aim to meet that need. 

Also, we know not every company is happy with their sales gamification provider today - and that pains me. Our category is growing fast - but poor experience with one vendor hurts the customers’ confidence in all of us.

So right now, through the balance of 2020, I’m offering to essentially buy out contracts for customers who are stuck using certain lower rated competitors. Find out more by reaching out to our team here. There’s still time to change your team’s performance this year. 

Thank you again to our customers and to the G2 community for declaring Ambition the Sales Gamification leader in 2020. 

>>>Click here to see for yourself why Ambition is rated #1 in sales gamification<<<

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