Yesterday, I had the  privilege of sitting down with seasoned sales leader Christina Brady, the newly-minted President of Sales Assembly (formerly of Groupon & Glassdoor); sales guru Michael Harness, Head of Sales, AMER at G2; and our very own Ambition co-founder, Brian Trautschold to talk all about our ’new normal’ in sales and beyond. 

And, after yesterday, I'm more convinced than ever that, when it comes to sales leadership and remote work, we’re all goin' through it as the kids might say (might they? I'm old).

How do I know? Well, in a poll, when asked about the top challenge that sales leaders on the call were facing today with being remote, the top answer was "low morale // no way to recreate IRL culture". The sales floor, the water cooler, the high fives are all virtual and that, frankly, sucks and there is no real end in sight for us here in the US. 

Look - no one person has all of the answers, but the unique perspectives of our panelists covered topics from improving virtual communication to the best incentives to keep morale high to how to pare down your goals across your team to make them more attainable, and, even some harsh truths for sales leaders about honesty, integrity, and accountability in the sales coaching process. 



What's your #1 pain point right now with your remote sales team? Shoot me a note and let me know!

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