Motivation and Accountability

Metric-Driven Managers, Directors

More energy. Smarter coaching. Bigger wins.

Highly recommend Ambition over any other gamification platform. My reps are obsessed with it, and it forces them to log their activities correctly. Monthly SFDC activities have jumped 142%.
Ambition creates a healthy, competitive environment that keeps our sales team engaged and on top of their individual metrics. It naturally encourages our sales team to stay current with SFDC, which provides accurate reporting and insights for sales and marketing.

Never miss The Number again.

Ambition maximizes the productivity and performance of your reps — day after day, quarter after quarter. It’s more than gamification: it’s about giving you the data, insights and tools to drive long-term behavior change, so that every team member becomes a better salesperson, while actively contributing to revenue growth.
That means they hit their numbers, you hit yours — and every - one looks good doing it. We call that a win-win-win.
Simple, hassle-free user management.
Spin up a contest in seconds, no coding required.
Zero limits on metrics, scorecards or groups.


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