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Who Are You Following Right Now In Sales?

I'm talking with sales leaders every week about what they are doing NOW to run their teams. Who are you following?

Anyone who tells you they know what's happening right now is full of sh%t. We're all figuring it out, day by day, week to week. 

Like everyone else, I'm learning how to handle this situation and every day brings something new. I'm also talking to sales leaders every week about what they're doing *right now* to keep things running smoothly on their teams.

Here's who I'm paying close attention to right now for macro trends and ultra-strategic concepts I can share with our team and our customers.

  • Jeremey Donovan, SVP Sales Strategy and Operations @ SalesLoft: Jeremey routinely shares some of *the best* tactical data for sellers to use every day.
  • Kelly Wright, Board Director @ Fastly, Lucid, Imperity, Even, and former SVP Sales @ Tableau: Kelly balances strategic company growth insights with real humanity.
  • Sarah Brazier, SDR @ Gong: Sarah has an incredible WFH series and was just named one of Crunchbase's 25 Sales Leaders to Know in 2020.
  • Ed Calnan, Founder and CRO @Seismic: Ed is consistently sharing both strategic sales enablement content and industry data.
  • Kelley Hippler, CSO @ Forrester: An absolute must for sales leaders.
  • Chad Dyar, Head of Field Ops and Enablement @ Hearsay: Get his book and follow him immediately.
  • Drew Lawrence, Director of Sales @ Xactly: This man is so tuned into how to manage AND motivate sales teams right now. Bonus - Here's a recent conversation we had about how he is managing his teams now.
  • Becc Holland, Head of Sales Development @ Chorus: Just watch her Flip The Script series. You'll see.
  • My friend Max Altschuler, VP Marketing @ Outreach: Everything Outreach and Sales Hacker do is of the highest quality and value to sellers.
  • And lastly, Blake Bartlett, VC @ OpenView: One of the best podcasts and content roundups. Period.


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