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Real-World Tips For Remote Sales Teams, From Fellow Sales Leaders


Real-World Tips For Remote Sales Teams, From Fellow Sales Leaders

Real-World Tips For Remote Sales Teams, From Fellow Sales Leaders

So your sales team went remote — overnight. No time to plan, no time to prepare...and in some cases, no time to grab your monitor. 

If it knocked the wind out of you and your team, you’re not alone. A whole lot of sales managers are adjusting to a new normal right now. Hopefully, they’re experiencing at least a few of the typical WFH perks: no commute, no dress code, a little more flexibility, a fully accessible pantry. 

But most likely, you’re only a week or two into this setup, and you’re still figuring out how to maintain basic communication — not to mention momentum, motivation, engagement, accountability...the list goes on.

On top of that: the world is different. Sensitivities have shifted. Our buyers’ needs and pains are quickly evolving. And sales managers have to be coaching their reps so they can keep pace.

It’s...a lot. 

Fortunately, during this crisis, we’re seeing a lot of helpers — people willing to share lessons and stories and secrets from their own experiences, past and present. We’re rounding up the best of the best and sharing them here for you. 

On extending grace:

On what your reps can be doing:

On what your reps shouldn’t be doing:

On holding reps accountable

We’re hearing great ideas from our Customer Community on Slack, including this tip from JourneyPure’s Josh Foster.

commentary from josh foster

On taking care of yourself:


On dressing the part:


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